Original 1961 Gibson Epiphone Wilshire Solid Body Electric Guitar

Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Flight Jacket Jackets 1956 Gibson Historic Les Paul Brazilian

SERIAL #6 3052
1 of 148!

Payment: Bank Transfer, Check, Money Order, Cash Only
(See Below)


Gibson Historic Division 2003 1956 Les Paul Standard, Gold Top, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard

Condition: New

I purchased this beautiful, limited edition instrument new in 2003 and it has never left my bedroom! Maybe an hour of careful use as I collect, never gig with them.

As interested parties know, very few were made with Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboards and these are highly sought after. Resource shortages and environmental issues ensure that Gibson will never be able to offer Brazilian Rosewood again.

Only 148 1956 Gibson Historic Les Paul Gold Tops were made so the scarcity of this gem is obvious. These rarely come up for sale. 2003 Brazilians are highly sought after as investments.

The finishes on Gibson Historics have always been most accurate and authentic on the Gold Tops. No phony aging, tampering, fading. The Bronze Gold is incredibly close to original 1956 and 1957 Standards I've owned.

In  2003 Gibson Historic updated the Les Paul Standard with  CTS pots and Bumble Bee capacitors and a host of hardware and trim updates to bring the reissues even closer to originals.

This instrument is fully original. Played usually through my 4203 Marshall Artist, it heavily overloads the Clean channel at five to deliver a thick, classic Bluesbreakers tone, no added gain necessary. Acoustically, the Brazilian board produces a loud, full, very impressive sound.

Any apparent marks on the pictures below are dust or hair from my dog. The finish is dead perfect, identical to new.

The knowledgeable collector will notice that I've updated the stock Gibson Klusons with the more appropriate Kluson Deluxes. The originals showed rust quickly so I put these on. However, the guitar will ship with the original tuners.

All paperwork and Gibson accessories are included.

Contact Information:

(212) 923-3423




I've gotten much interest in this instrument but some "serious customers" have balked at my payment terms. No Paypal, no credit cards. The reason is very clear. In fact, everyone knows it (but all profess ignorance!). Sellers have NO protection against Buyer fraud. Paypal and your credit card company support Buyers, not Sellers. I am a credit  card merchant with an impeccable record who is, sadly, aware of the limits of my protection and, in fact, sit on the board of a National Merchants Action Group attempting (in vain) to reform government anti-merchant bias. We activist merchants know every illegal trick in the book (from sad experience).

Accordingly, I must protect my property. I've been burned once by a well-known guitar crook who stole valuable original paperwork from my 1959 Les Paul Custom when my back was turned. The reality is that vintage and collectable guitars often attract the lower reaches of the food chain.

If you're interested in buying this guitar, come and see it with cash. I'm in NYC. If it's too far, too much of a hassle, fine. Don't blame or cast aspersions at me, it's not personal. Bottom feeders pollute the field for everyone else.





From the MusicZoo.com

Brazilian Rosewood Serial Number Guide

2001: there was a run of Brazilian R9s in the range 91203-91250 (91201 and 91202 only come up as Les Paul Classics for me). within this range, the following numbers do NOT have Brazilian Rosewood according to my info: 91236, 91230, 91220, 91217, 91215, 91214, 91210, 91209, 91207, 91206.

Also, 911007 comes up as an R9 with brazilian.

2002: 8 R9s, in the range 92038-92045


1954 Reissue, ranging from 43001-43150
-within this range of numbers, 37 are ’54 Black Beautys
-43001-43006 are 1-pickup ’54 Goldtops that went to Dave’s Guitar in WI. i am assuming these got BR

1956 Reissue, ranging from 63001-63148
-the only exception here is that number 63126 does not exist as far as i can tell

1957 Reissue, ranging from 73010-73707
-numbers below 73010 either have 2002 specs (73001, 73005, 73006, 73007), are prototypes (R7:73004; LP Junior: 73002, 73003) or do not exist
-within this range, 231 are 2 or 3 pickup ’57 Black Beautys
-26 are LP Juniors
-73431-73438 do not exist

1958 Reissue, ranging from 83001-83256
-83001-83008 are prototypes (83001-83004, 83007, 83008), and 2 of these are LP Juniors (83005, 83006). 83009 is a quilt top R8 that went to Guitar Center
-within this range 29 are LP Juniors
-1 is a korina explorer
-83046, 83047, and 83087 do not exist

1959 Reissue, ranging from 93001-93674
-93001-93006 are prototypes
-93008 has 2002 specs
-3 are korina Flying Vs

1960 Reissue, ranging from 03001-03163
-03001-03010 are prototypes (except for 03007 (not a proto) and 03002 (2002 specs)), and 2 of these are LP Specials
-it appears that 03007 DOES have BR
-within this range, 21 are LP Specials
-48 are non-Historic GC ’60 LPs, none of which have BR

Gary Rossington SG
-13001-13075 have Brazilian Rosewood



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