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WWII AAF A-2 Horsehide Flight Jacket J.A. Dubow Mfg.
Seal Brown Goatskin
Black or Russet Horsehide
Sizes 38R-48R
Made In USA.

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In 1940s-50s movies, then television, commercial versions of the storied WWII A-2 Flight Jacket abound. From blue collar stiffs to JDs (period euphemism for juvenile delinquents), the classic A-2 retained its image and vibe. Wartime A-2 contractors frequently adapted the style to the civilian market in the postwar period. Predictably, many modifications were made for cost and customer demands as the A-2 became a popular, affordable catalog and store offering.

Most postwar A-2s use a 2-piece Back and 3-piece Sleeves unlike the AAF original. Into the 1950s Horsehide and the more expensive Goatskin continued in use but Cowhide soon predominated as the horse industry rapidly declined. Handwarmers often replaced the patch pockets, epaulets simplified, snaps added to waist and neck, linings cotton, quilted rayon (at first), then quilted nylon, depending on what the wholesale customer wanted and wanted to pay. Wool blends displaced 100% wool knit. Remember the annoying pilling balls on cuffs and waistbands? That's the synthetic component separating and frizzing from the wool. If anyone tells you that's how they were in WWII, check to see if your wallet's still there.

The LOST WORLDS Postwar A-2 pays homage to a very cool jacket in our typical fashion -- refining the good, the look and spirit, dispensing with the cheapo, mass-market dumbdowns. Thus --

- 1 pc. Back.
- 2 pc. Sleeve.
- WWII Stitched Epaulets with our signature precision but sewn down like most of the commercial variants.
G-1 Type interior Pocket w/ Snap closure.
- 100% Wool Knit -- peerless.
-100% Genuine Flight Satin Nylon Lining.
-NOS Brass Scovill Zipper.

The quality of our proprietary hides and workmanship is the benchmark. Period. For strength, water repellency, beauty. Heirloom grade.The masculine, rugged appeal of the postwar A-2 Flight Jacket idealized, upgraded to become a contemporary, stylish take on the beloved flight classic.

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