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Genuine American Horsehide Leather
Car/Home/Motorcycle Seat Covers/Jacket Projects
Black or Russet Brown
$20.00/Sq. Ft.
Minimum Footage Purchase:  45 Sq. Ft.


Horsehide Leather Car Upholstery
Horsehide Leather Automobile Upholstery
1966 MORGAN, Race-Prepared, Black LOST WORLDS Horsehide Upholstery

Horsehide Leather Car Motorcycle Automobile Home Upholstery
Horsehide Leather Automobile Motorcycle Car Home Upholstery
Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Upholstery

Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Car Upholstery

For the ultimate automobile/motorcycle/home upholstery application or custom jacket project, exclusive LOST WORLDS chrome-tanned American Horsehide Leather -- unrivalled for beauty, durability, water resistance, scarcity and cache. Available from 3.0 - 4.5 oz./sq. ft. per customer requirement. Unobtainable in this quality anywhere else. The same hides we use in LOST WORLDS jackets -- the benchmark for classic American Flight, Motorcycle and Rugged Leather Outerwear. Traditional cowhide leather trim pales in comparison. Fabulous grain, hand, comfort. Used in the oldest vintage cars and aircraft. If anyone claims cow and horse are comparable, he's trying to sell  you cow -- or a cow byproduct! The American military and civilian motorcycle industry always specified horsehide for high performance uses before the disappearance of the commercial horse industry following WWII. Among the knowledgeable, there's horsehide, then everything else. Be warned, though -- just because it's horsehide doesn't mean it's primo horsehide, just like anything else -- and some hides dubbed horsehide are cowhide. There's a lot of duplicity out there on the web and there's a lot of terrible thin, imported, plasticized, split horsehides and pseudo-horsehides as well. Remember: every hooker's a virgin until you come home with a dose!

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