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Made In USA


100% Bush Poplin Cotton, Khaki
100% Lightweight Cotton Fine Twill, Khaki. 3.75 Oz.
81%Cotton/19%Nylon (Fill) White Military Oxford Cloth, Waterproof Quarpel Finish
14.2 Oz. 100% Cotton Denim (Unwashed)
Genuine 100% Navy Cashmere

Regular Sizes 38-48


Cotton Denim Safari Bush Poplin  Jacket, Willis & Geiger

Safari Bush Jacket
 100% Bush Poplin Cotton (Khaki Only)


The classic Safari Bush Jacket, refined to LOST WORLDS standards of workmanship, fit and material. The standard in ages past in field (and movies) when the adventurous embarked on journeys of safari and exploration yet, its being a different world -- a different planet, it now seems -- would never sacrifice elegance and dash. One must look good even if a lion's dinner! Stiff upper lip and all that. Easy to laugh at now, of course, but look at the alternative: the "I'll have to ask my wife" apologist in gut-stretched t-shirt and flip-flops. Ugh.

Our jackets are famous as lightweight, eye-catching travel wear, with ample pockets for stowing digital camera, lenses, phones -- all the excess but essential baggage of 21st Century travel and life. You needn't hunt to appreciate the benefits of a field-designed jacket. Form is function. The Bush Poplin Cotton exhibits excellent water resistance; the Military Oxford has a  Quarpel finish which renders it waterproof. Perfect LOST WORLDS workmanship, each made at our own NYC factory by a single skilled worker. Bellowed lower pockets. Belted, leather buckle. Closed seam double needle construction. In a wide variety of suitable fabrics, from Bush Poplin and military cottons to luxurious pure Camel Hairs, Cashmeres by special order.

In the past even traditional, time-honored bush jackets could be inconsistent in body and sleeve length and construction. Having begun in business by selling the old Willis & Geiger line by mail order, LOST WORLDS learned from the inside-out what customers need (and don't) and how to furnish it, but without hyperbole, false claim, exaggeration (or Made In China tags!).  A return to masculine look and form. To the best classic leather jackets in the world are now joined cotton, wool and nylon jackets that hitherto were only available to our wholesale customers by special order.


"Hello. I had ordered 2 wonderful safari jackets from you some months ago - one for Chicago, and one for my place in Florida.
Just wanted to thank you for your making such a great quality jackets.  I am totally pleased and hope to order something more from you in the future."

Chicago IL

Denim Cotton Safari Bush Poplin  Jacket, Willis & Geiger, Ernest Hemingway

Cotton Safari Bush Poplin  Jacket, Willis & Geiger, Ernest Hemingway

Bush Poplin Safari Jacket, Willis & Geiger, Ernest Hemingway

Safari Bush Jacket
 Optional Left or Right Side Quilted Shooting Patch $35.00


Bush Poplin Cotton Bush Safari Jacket
Safari Bush Jacket, White Quarpel Oxford


Blue Denim Safari Bush Jacket. Willis & Geiger, Abercrombie and Fitch

100% Cotton Denim, Unwashed


Denim Safari Bush Jacket. Willis & Geiger, Abercrombie and Fitch


Cotton Denim Safari Bush Jacket. Willis & Geiger, Abercrombie and Fitch

Pure Cashmere Safari Bush Poplin  Jacket
Safari Bush Jacket
 Genuine 100% Pure Navy Cashmere
The ultimate in hand, exclusivity, comfort, drape and luxury.


Cotton Denim Safari Bush Poplin  Jacket, Willis & Geiger Outfitters
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