Horsehide leather courier messenger bag LOST WORLDS Front Quarter and Butt Horsehide Guitar Strap

Custom Front Quarter Russet Brown or Black Horsehide and Natural Butt Horsehide
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones
Made In USA
Brand New

Horsehide Leather Guitar Strap

Scarce Mint Condition 1964 Epiphone Crestwood Custom
Pelham Blue

We're well-known for our dreadnought American Horsehide Leather. Beautifully grained, virtually indestructible, sought after and collected by cognoscenti the world over. Arguably the most famous high performance leather, light years ahead of cowhide. Our hides have saved guy's lives and limbs in serious bike crashes.

Through the years we sometimes did one-off custom work for our celeb customers and friends, including guitar straps in a variety of hides and configurations. So we figured we'd let everyone have the opportunity of buying our stuff because it's unique and different.  And truly cool beyond belief.

The LOST WORLDS Custom Guitar Strap - elegant but bristling with style and hipness. But never in your face overstatement. Less is more. Extraordinary materials and hardware --

Two Types of American Horsehide

1) Strap: 2-ply chrome-tanned Russet Brown or Black Front Quarter Horsehide. 1-ply matching piping.

2) Belting:  Genuine vegetable-tanned Horse Butt, the identical leather tanned for famous Butt Cordovan and found on mega-expensive, $600+ shoes like Alden.

Hardware & Fittings

1) Genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones, not plastic Asian cheapies.

2) Solid, sand-cast Nickel Spots Made in England, not dime-a-dozen hollow stampings.

3) 100% Brass Buckle, Made in USA.

(The same hides, hardware and fittings that bedazzle our $2200+ BUCO J24 MOTORCYCLE JACKET reproduction!)

So this isn't your mass-produced, guitar shop strap. This one is special, for the musician and enthusiast who understands, just as our jacket customers do, that it's the details that are important. And individuality is most important of all. You can buy a perfectly nice leather strap for $39.95, but it'll be as comparable to a LOST WORLDS strap as a Kia to an AMG Benz. This transforms your stage presence. Our gear isn't for everyone, it ain't cheap, but to a man LW customers consider our products bargains, because they're unduplicated anywhere and get even better (if possible!) with age. Each is made by a single craftsman to heirloom standards. If you cherish your guitar and your image, the proper artisan strap is a necessary complement. American imagination and workmanship like a time capsule to the way things used to be. With LOST WORLDS they still are.

Front Quarter Horsehide Leather Guitar Strap

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