Original Korean War G-1 Flight Jacket VF-151 VF-54 VF-653 Rickabaugh USS Boxer Lost Worlds Collection

Original CVA-21 Air Task Group 1 Korean War G-1 Flight Jacket

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Original Korean War VF-151 ATG1 G-1 Flight Jacket Rickabaugh G-1 Flight Jacket VF-151 Korean War Air Task Group CVA-21




 VF-54, VF-151 (VF-653)
 Korean War Grouping



Original G-1 Flight Jacket Korean War VF-151 CVA-21 Air Task Group One

Rickabaugh Original G-1 Flight Jacket Korean War VF-151 USS BOXER  Air Task Group One


Original G-1 Flight Jacket Korean War Cdr. J.M. Rickabaugh VF-151 CVA-21 Air Task Group One


Commander J.M. Rickabaugh's G-1, from the Korean War. On the right chest is VF-152, which, when redesignated VF-54, later flew the first carrier sorties of the Korean War in June 1950, striking targets at Pyongyang in Corsairs from USS Valley Forge (CVA-45), then supported the classic Inchon amphibious landing, MacArthur's swan song. J.M. Rickabaugh commanded  VF-151 (redesignated from VF-653), Air Task Group One (left sleeve) in 1952-3, during which the squadron F9F-2 Panthers conducted intense combat operations in the waning days of the Korean War from USS Boxer (CVA-21). He Went on to become Executive Officer of USS Coral Sea. Cdr. Rickabaugh entered the Naval Academy in 1942. This magnificent jacket came with a host of materials.

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