Original WWII G-1 Flight Jacket VF-74 Squadron Patch Lost Worlds Collection

Original USN G-1 Flight Jacket WWII

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Original WWII G-1 Flight Jacket VF-74 Original G-1 Flight Jacket VF-74, World War II, Lost Worlds





Original G-1 Flight Jacket WWII VF-74


Original G-1 Flight Jacket Fighter Squadron 74 WWII


Original G-1 Flight Jacket Fighter Squadron 74 WWII


WWII G-1s with insignia are difficult to find -- in the steamy Pacific theaters leather jackets were often replaced by flight suits or cotton jackets. Note the dramatic fading to dull gold of the mouton collar, a common feature. When issued the collars were dark brown but sun and salt oxidized the fur dye. This beautiful example has lost its manufacturer tag, also common. The painted leather squadron patch is a fine example of the great cartoon art so prevalent in era military insignia. The comics were a vital part of American popular culture in the first half of the 20th Century, and WWII insignia reflect this affection and preoccupation. The leather name tag is the widespread WWII tan leather version; most postwar tags are black leather. Condition is near unworn -- with little mothing to wool parts, the common ailment!


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