J.A. Dubow G-1 flight jacket goatskin leather Korean War USMC G-1 Flight Jacket VMA 323, VMO-6
A. Pritzker & Sons
Korean War
Flight Surgeon E.H. Minow
VMA-323, VMO-6, MAW-1

Korean War USMC Flight Surgeon G-1 Flight Jacket
A very scarce mint condition USMC Flight Surgeon Korean War G-1 Jacket belonging to E.H. Minow.  Extraordinary Japanese-made insignia. The only example of a flight surgeon's jacket I've come across in my decades of collecting and this one is a revelation.


VMA-323 Korean War G-1 Flight Jacket

Korean War USMC Flight Surgeon's G-1 Flight Jacket

Korean War USMC VMA-323 MAW-1 VMO-6 G-1 Flight Jacket

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