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Leather Flight Motorcycle Jackets Horsehide Goatskin Sheepskin

Black or Russet Brown Horsehide
CUSTOM Mocha Brown American Bison / NOS Vintage Mouton Collar
Sizes 38-48 Regular

A choice 1930s-40s design with a stylish, unusual tucked rear waist, interior snapped security pocket. The Ryder vies closely with our Suburban for best-selling LOST WORLDS 1940s rugged leather jacket but with different features and more a fitted waist than latter and different sleeve configuration. Very Howard Hughes! Elegant, visually striking but not busy or overdone. In our signature heavyweight 3.0 - 4.0+ oz. chrome-tanned Horsehide (depending on customer specification). Pure Black Nylon Flight Satin Lining, NOS Brass Scovill zippers, Moleskin Cotton-lined pockets, Solid Brass side adjustment buckles.  A lifetime purchase. Wear it in the rain, in any conditions. Our Horsehide thrives on bad weather, softening and articulating the grain, shaping itself around its wearer. Made, as everything we sell, by us alone at our own NYC factory. Extraordinary workmanship, eye-opening, incomparable.
Vintage Horsehide, Goatskin, Sheepskin, Deerskin Classic American Flight and Motorcycle Jackets and Coats

"I received the jacket yesterday and it is absolutely perfect!  The fit spot on and I love the feel of the horsehide. Lighter than that of my CHP yet still quite substantial. Thanks for making me another great jacket!"
Berkeley CA

"the Ryder has arrived on Friday, after spending two weeks at customs.   Am truly pleased with how the jacket turned out. Looks and feels just perfect for me. I attach a couple of quick snaps for you to get the general idea. Size and Fit: I ordered a stock size 42 ... Shoulder, chest, overall feel is a perfect fit. Leather: Looks, feels and smells sublime. For my next order, I may want to consider a heavier hide. This is just great for everyday wear, but I am sure I could also take more heft. The leather already develops some nice character after only 1,5 days of wear. Will be an absolute pleasure to break in! Thank you for making this great jacket for me, Stuart! Look forward to reaching out again with some new ideas later this year.




Ryder Horsehide Jacket, 1930s, Lost Worlds Ryder Horsehide Jacket, 1930s, Lost Worlds

Motorcycle flight jackets vintage horsehide leather clothing

Ryder Horsehide Jacket, 1930s, Lost Worlds

Ryder Horsehide Jacket, 1930s, Lost Worlds


Ryder Horsehide Jacket, 1930s, Lost Worlds

Ryder Horsehide Jacket, 1930s, Lost Worlds


Vintage NOS Wool Plaid Lining

Pocket Point Stitching
Arched Yoke Back
NOS Talon Chain-and-Diamond Pocket Zipper


1930s Ryder American Bison Vintage Leather Jacket

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