Lost Worlds Vintage Crocker Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Vest

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Lost Worlds Crocker Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Vest

 Vintage Motorcycle Trucker Vest

Black/Russet Brown/Cream/Olive/Navy Blue Horsehide

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Made In USA

Black or Russet Brown Horsehide $800.00
Black or Russet Brown 'STUD' Version $1075.00
Cream/Olive/Navy Blue $1100.00
Cream/Olive/Navy 'STUD' Version $1325.00

Vintage Horsehide Motorcycle Vest

The CROCKER, fully redesigned and updated from our earlier version, offering additional riding features in a clean, purpose-built Horsehide Motorcycle Vest. Equally a vintage and modern vibe.

3.0 - 4.0 Oz. LOST WORLDS Horsehides, from our own tannery. The preeminent high performance Horsehide, period. Ever. Astonishing strength, durability, abrasion resistance, water repellancy -- and natural grain. No faking, overdrumming, antiqueing. Riding, working, not metrosexual, leather. Natural armor.

Fantastic American quality -- check out the meticulous piping around the entire vest, adding strength and profile integrity. And stunning beauty. Saddlework-like.  If you ride and don't know LOST WORLDS, well...

Double Snap Front Pockets, Zippered Vertical Chest Pocket, Adjustable Back, Genuine Brass Talon or Scovill Zippers.

'STUD' Version uses beefy Nickel Solid Riveted Domes (not the flimsy cheap stampings typically found).
 With arresting visual quality and drama on the exterior, the metalwork adds eye-catching statement within. Metal on metal. Tough enough? Not for the meek.
Flash, Substance, Pedigree.

Another Neo-Classic LOST WORLDS gem, unrivalled for function, build quality, no-nonsense, serious road equipment. And looks to kill!  All-American, not imported on the cheap from some terrorist state.  (Although likely ripped off in same!)



Lost Worlds Russet Horsehide Leather Studded Motorcycle Vest

Lost Worlds Studded Horsehide Motorcycle Vest

Lost Worlds Horsehide Motorcycle Vest

Studded Vintage Horsehide Motorcycle Vest

Lost Worlds Russet Horsehide Leather Studded Motorcycle Vest

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