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USN Original M421A Flight Jacket VPB-101 WWII

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Original WWII M421A Summer Flight Jacket VT-21 VPB-101 M421A SUMMER FLIGHT JACKET, VT-21, �2005LOST WORLDS INC. COLLECTION


M421A Summer Flight Jacket
VT-21, VPB-101

$3500.00 Each


M421A Flight Jacket, VT-21, copyright Lost Worlds Collection
M421A Flight Jacket, VT-21, copyright Lost Worlds Collection


In the hot and humid Pacific theater, light cotton jackets often replaced the G-1 as the flight jacket of choice for aviators. Constructed of a thin but dense and wondrously soft cotton twill, these jackets are hard to come by; few survived. The above example, from Torpedo Squadron 21, was rarely if ever worn and came to us in excellent undamaged condition. The beautifully painted leather patch of an angry shark-faced torpedo and name tag are similarly perfectly preserved. The Disney-designed VPB-101 example carries the same exact spec. label but is a completely different jacket configuration. So much for the cult of label readers -- tea leaves likely could provide more information on the many variations in WWII flight jackets. 
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