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Suburban Horsehide Leather Jacket, 1940s, Lost Worlds



Suburban Horsehide Leather Jacket, 1940s, Lost Worlds



Suburban Horsehide Leather Jacket, 1940s, Lost Worlds


The tough, no-nonsense, beautiful SUBURBAN -- perennial LOST WORLDS bestseller.

The SUBURBAN recreates a widespread jacket design of the 1940s, used by motorcyclists and as a work jacket. A supervisor, a foreman, someone who drove during the day, who worked outdoors -- its applications were myriad because it was good looking, functional and durable.

Once these were plentiful in vintage stores, attesting to the basic design's resilience and popularity. (When I was a kid in the late 60s, a hundred years ago, I had one much like this, lined in fantastic sheepskin, bought new as a dead stock oldie.) It confers an instant solid masculinity. 1940s noir melodramas often display very similar, tough and cool jackets. Built to endure. The older it gets, the better. Wear it religiously in the rain -- best thing for LOST WORLDS Horsehide. (As for some others ... caution!) Rain softens and breaks the hides in, articulating the peerless, beautiful grain. It did then, to originals, it still does, to our neo-originals (there's no other way to describe a LOST WORLDS jacket). Straightforward, trim but not as fitted as a fully dedicated motorcycle jacket, being straight-cut down from armpit>waist; (none of our jackets is oversized or blousy). Made in heavyweight 3-4+ oz. (customer preference) Horsehide, Pure heavyweight Nylon Flight Satin Lining, Brass Talon Zippers, Solid Brass side adjustment buckles

Inspect the close-ups above to get some inkling of our incredible craftsmanship and the weight and finish of our famous Horsehide. Special jackets for special people. Not for everyone. For men, the vestigial sex (pun intended). Just as bench-made shoes are for the few. Yet unlike the latter, LOST WORLDS classics are eminently affordable. If a jacket costs $1225.00 but will last virtually forever, improving, not diminishing, with age, that's the definition of a bargain to us.



"Received it yesterday. Awesome jacket, thanks."
Alberta, Canada

"Received the 2 Suburbans yesterday, one Russet Horse and the other
Goat .  Both look great, Thanks very much."
Arlington Hgts. IL

"I recently got the jacket and must say it's absolutely stunning and fits spot on!

"Just got the Suburban Jacket with Brass color zippers. FANTASTIC ! SUPERB ! WONDERFUL! Thank you so much . I can't wait until cold weather returns. Looking forward to the return of the Rigger with shortened sleeves. It will look so great. Might get another one next year."
Jefferson City, TN
"Received the Suburban last night and was impressed with it then, but wanted to see it in the daylight for a complete picture. The construction is immaculate: stitching, as usual on your coats, is precise, straight, and no presser foot impressions around seams or pockets. The heavy 4 oz horsehide leather is consistent throughout the coat: all the patterns in the leather make sense together, and there is obvious grain. I like the quality of the brown color because I think the jacket will age better starting from a uniform base. I also think the #10 zipper is a gem and appreciate it was lubricated. In summary, the new Suburban is a masterpiece and I am quite pleased to have bought it new. For the price, it is quite a bargain and will undoubtedly outlive me."
Fairfax, VA


Suburban Horsehide Leather Jacket, 1940s, Lost Worlds
Suburban Horsehide Leather Jacket, 1940s, Lost Worlds

Custom Suburban / Horsehide with Sheepskin Lining





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