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Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jeans, Jackets


From Duane Eddy to Jim Morrison and on, guys have worn leather jeans that only looked good at a distance. The craftsmanship, hides and detail of our LOST WORLDS Horsehide Jeans command up-close inspection. Customers marvel at the stitching and workmanship, the definition and expression of feature.

When broken in, famed our  JEANS soften remarkably and thoroughly articulate the gorgeous furrowed grain for which genuine Horsehide is renowned. These are for motorcycles, for trend setting and (even) for party impact! But forget about impact ... no, consider impact -- great Horsehide, and ours is extraordinary, is renowned as an absolute lifesaver in bad motorcycle falls. It frequently and remarkably defeats the dangers of road rash; it has kept people alive. It takes extraordinary impacts with nary a scratch. This is motorcycle equipment first and foremost. That it's extraordinary looking, eye-catching, unique, is the perk of form following function.

1-pc. Front, 2-pc. Back Leg. Half-lining, NOS vintage Talon zipper. Simply the best, if that's what you seek. If it's soft, feminine poseur-wear, wrong site. Available now also in our heavyweight American Cowhide; identical hardware and workmanship. (HORSEHIDE/COWHIDE Comparisons)

The world before the present mutation and its Generation X, Y, Z whatever (bear with us on this one, we know what we're talking about -- we're only half mad, in contrast to the rest of the world) was one in which Men (can one still use that word; does such a being still exist?) defined themselves by a quest for a measure of Honor, Independence, Mechanical Dexterity, Knowledge. All this stuff  was the true Cool.

Wear the Horsehide Leather Jeans with our HorsehideJeansJacket for the ultimate leather combo.


Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jeans, Jackets


Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jeans, Jackets


Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jeans, Jackets

Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jeans, Jackets
Black Horsehide Jeans  ($850.00) w/ Custom Sleeveless Jeans Jacket ($725.00)


Custom Olive Horsehide Jeans w/ Matching Belt

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