Black or Russet Horsehide
$1850.00 (Satin Lining)

$2450.00 (Custom 100% Alpaca Lining As Shown)

Custom Navy Blue or Pine Green American Deerskin

Made In USA

1930s Vintage Horsehide Leather Jacket Lost Worlds

The NATIONAL RACER is our salute to the classic aviation-derived jackets of the 1930s. Striking, stylish, with period detailing and flair coupled with our renowned durability, workmanship and lack of any compromise. An heirloom that will endure for generations. Truth, not boast.

Amazing LOST WORLDS genuine American Chrome-Tanned Horsehide from our own tannery. Available in 3.0 - 4.0+ oz. weight to customer preference. Not simpering pull-up girly leather, overdrummed, doctored to gull the unwary. Peerless strength, water repellency, natural grain. Envied but never approached.

Genuine NOS period Bakelite Buttons.

Regular Lining is Flight Satin Nylon, Custom Linings like Pure Alpaca as shown, Wool, Rayon, Cottons  available.

Vintage 1930s Horsehide Leather National Racer Frontal USA Lost Worlds

"The jacket is SUPERB… unbelievably refined, elegant,  incredibly well-designed and executed-  a Modern Day Prince’s impregnable Suit of Custom ARMOR  – It’s THE REAL DEAL… with a Peter Pan Collar !!!!~ Lights Out, end of story…. There’s room for my winter IRISH Sweaters/Turtlenecks ….  It probably  looks a little large to you in the pictures with my too tight LEVI’ jeans and thin cotton shirt  I’m wearing for Jeans and Beer Friday Charity in the Office, and prior to adjusting the  Cuff Buttons and Tabs  (Buttons are SO COOL)…. But its going to be PERFECT as my main Squeeze this winter….  Break-int Starts this weekend ! NONPAREIL… Thanks so much for this ! (and by the way, an absolute SINGULAR Bargain at TWICE the PRICE !!!!! - REALLY)"


Vintage 1930s Horsehide Leather National Racer Rear View

Custom Pure Alpaca Lining.

Vintage 1930s Horsehide Leather National Racer Alpaca Lining

Pine Green American Deerskin
(Shown w/ Custom NOS Chenille Lining)

National Racer Deerskin Jacket

1920s Vintage American Deerskin Leather Jacket Lost Worlds

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