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Black Horsehide 
Reg. Sizes 38-48

Police Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket 1960s

Police Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket 1960s
Beautiful horsehide grain showing even on new, unworn jacket.

Police Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket 1960s

Police Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket 1960s

Another fine police leather jacket that we faithfully reproduce, this one from the 1960s. Pure Nylon Flight Satin liner with open interior patch pocket. Genuine brass police buttons. Highly detailed, of course, and a breed apart from what everyone else is wearing. Including police -- departments procure by price rather than quality, durability and image. Ultra-Heavyweight (4+ oz.!) Black Horsehide is what the best police gear in the 1940s and 50s used to be made of -- unequalled strength and fabulous grain. Just think -- you'll be wearing a better police jacket than the arresting officer.

NOW AVAILABLE: 4.0+ oz. American Chrome-Tanned, Drum-Dyed Cowhide; identical materials and workmanship, decreased cost. (HORSEHIDE/COWHIDE Comparisons)

LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: Designs can be modified to fit your requirements. All standard hardware is American-made and to military or commercial specs.


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