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Seal Brown Goatskin

Reg. Sizes 38-48 Regular

Despite its military features -- and those who erroneously call it a "G-8" or "Type 440," made-up names --  what we call the RAIDER was never government issued.

Notwithstanding, it's a great jacket  -- always a big seller, enthusiastically received -- and is, in fact, of the sort that Harrison Ford wears in the Indiana Jones series, i.e. a commercial 1930s flavored design with flight jacket features.  A tad longer and fuller cut than the A-2 and G-1, with a different look and feel, but not a 3/4 or car coat length.

Constructed of our matchless supple, heavyweight Seal Brown Goatskin with Brown Pure Rayon Satin Lining. Interior G-1-type pocket with dual entry front pockets. Zippered wrist with button cuff. Heavyweight American NOS Talon or Scovill Brass Zipper.

The illustration above exhibits the detailing and perfection of LOST WORLDS workmanship for which we are so esteemed. Note how the complex double stitching lines up precisely with the seams, how, even unworn, the RAIDER exudes Presence. As good as it looks here, it's immeasurably better in the flesh. It's, after all, a LOST WORLDS. Like entering a time capsule, or magically stumbling on a cache of long-forgotten classic leather jackets lying somewhere in a storeroom or basement since they were made. How much clothing like this tells of its age -- confidence, masculinity, function, style, individuality. All a foreign, or alien, language now. The Past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. We don't.

"Hello Stuart, I received my jacket a couple of days ago.

I know you get confirmation but I just wanted to let you know directly.
As expected it is top drawer in all aspects.  It will serve me well for many years to come.  Thank you and a "politically incorrect" Merry Christmas."
Toronto, Canada

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