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100% Khaki Cotton Bush Poplin
100% Cotton Sateen, Sage Green, Waterproof & Flame-Retardant

Bush Poplin Cotton Hunter Jacket
Hunter Jacket, 100% Bush Poplin Cotton (Khaki Only)


The SAFARI HUNTER is a dedicated field jacket  for travel, photography and hunting, boasting a wealth of function-sized pockets for tremendous utility.  Padded right shoulder for camera or firearm. Adjustable Cuffs. Interior full Zipper. Working Epaulets. Biswing Back.  Lined in genuine US military 81% Cotton/19" Nylon OD Oxford with fully waterproof Quarpel finish (this super strong lightweight fabric is also available as the Hunter shell w/ self-lining). Tailoring, workmanship and finish as one would require and expect from LOST WORLDS. Each Hunter is made by a single skilled worker. Elegant, comfortable and just as suitable for the workplace as the field. The SAFARI HUNTER Jacket answers the need for genuine LOST WORLDS quality and specification outerwear in materials other than leather.

Available in a selection of appropriate fabrics:

100% Bush Poplin Cotton, Khaki. Famous in the old Willis & Geiger outdoor gear. Lightweight, strong, with good water resistance. 

100% Nylon Broadcloth, Black, Navy, Sage, Brown. A remarkable fabric, super tough yet so soft most people think it's cotton. Lovely drape but thorn-proof and very lightweight. Allows great mobility and arm movement.

 100% Cotton Sateen, Sage Green, Waterproof, Flame-Retardant. An unusual NOS USAF fabric dating from 1982 used for aircraft fire control. LOST WORLDS found a small quantity of this high performance textile. The muted pale green shade is perfect for field use.

LOST WORLDS bush safari hunting clothing
 LOST WORLDS bush safari jacket Willis & Geiger design
 Australian Bush Poplin Safari Jacket
 Kilimanjaro Bush Poplin Safari Jacket Hemingway Willis & Geiger design Safari Bush Hunter Hunting Jacket Clothing Willis & Geiger

Hunting Jacket Cotton Poplin

Hunter Jacket Made In USA


Lost Worlds Bush Poplin Cotton Safari, Hunting, Bush Shirts, Jackets, Clothing 2005LOST WORLDS INC.

Hunter, Sage, Cotton Sateen

Lost Worlds Bush Poplin Cotton Safari, Hunting, Bush Shirts, Jackets, Clothing 2005LOST WORLDS INC.
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