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Rayon Gabardine
Heavyweight Silk Satin


Cowboy II, Rayon/Wool Blend


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Custom Coral Rayon Gabardine/Smooth Deerskin Trim $350.00

COWBOY II -- maybe an unevocative name but an incredible Shirt from the 1940s. Shown here both in our famed Rayon Gabardine and heavyweight Silk Satin. Pale Antique Gold Rayon braiding, "Smile" pockets, extended yoke. Yet another peerless LOST WORLDS classic. Is it impossible to exceed the quality of clothing made 50 years ago? No, just very, very difficult. Examine our work -- then you make the call. A truly spectacular recreation of a time when people and things mattered, when history, even imagined history -- the heroic American image that was often a Hollywood creation -- was a part of one's life before the days of political correctness and the rule of the uneducated, television-spawned mob. Made, of course, in USA at our own LOST WORLDS factory. Extraordinary quality, fit, feel, drape. It has it all, and then some. Not nostalgia but admiration, for what we were, not what we are. We've become a lower class culture of an unholy trinity -- consume, defecate, copulate. All in the friendly confines of the local strip mall or opiated by television. The word book is no longer in the American vernacular. At least we can celebrate diversity, the freedom to be a troglodyte immersed in a perpetual present, with no history and no future. And the right not to be insulted for it.


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