Original WWII A-2 Flight Jacket 32nd Bombardment Squadron 301st Bombardment Group Lost Worlds Collection

Original 15th Air Force AAF A-2 Flight Jacket WWII

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 A-2 Flight Jacket 32nd Bombardment Squadron WWII



Original A-2 Flight Jacket, 32rd Bombardment Squadron Lost Worlds Collection



Original WWII A-2 Horsehide Flight Jacket 32rd Bombardment Squadron





We received Gilbert Kohler's beautiful A-2 jacket from his loving daughter Debbie, who felt that it would be better served on public display on this site for interested viewers. It was also in need of conditioning, which, given its original shape when we got it, brought the faded artwork spectacularly back to life. Mr. Kohler flew 52 missions in the MTO with the 301st Bombardment Group, 32nd Bombardment Squadron, 15th Air Force as an aerial gunner.

Note the unusual pin-up "Shoo Shoo Baby" nose art on the left chest. Typically "girlie" and nose art is usually found on the back of jackets but perhaps Mr. Kohler was modest, or, like several airmen we've spoken to, was afraid of offending his parents on returning home after WWII. All insignia is painted directly on the A-2 and, unusually too, the XV AF shield and US Flag are together on the left sleeve; usually they are on separate sleeves. An Aero Leather, Beacon, NY jacket, like so many, this displays the strong russet. chestnut component in the original pigmentation (usually mistakenly called Seal Brown by the ignorant), which often fades, leaving a mottled color. This jacket shows postwar restoration by the family of the knit and zippers.

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