Original CBI WWII A-2 Flight Jacket 492nd Bombardment Squadron 7th Bombardment Group Eager Beavers Bombing Company

Original 10th CBI Air Force AAF A-2 Flight Jacket WWII

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A-2 Flight Jacket, 492nd Bombardment Squadron, World War II



 492nd Bombardment Squadron, 7th Bombardment Group, 10th Air Force, China-Burma-India Theater

WWII 492nd Bomb Squadron A-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket

WWII 7th Bomb Group A-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket

WWII 'Eager Beaver Bombing Compzny 492nd Bomb SquadronSquadron A-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket
A sterling example from an eminent long-time contractor, Star Sportswear of Lynn, Mass. This CBI jacket is a virtual catalog of theater insignia: composite leather squadron and group patches. Note "Eager Beaver Bombing Co"! The composite leather CBI and 10th AF sleeve patches are in the pockets, the cotton thread having failed after fifty years, a common occurrence. A composite leather and suede Blood Chit adorns the back. Leather rank tabs on the epaulets. A large parallelogram-shaped patch preceded the 7th Bomb Group insignia on the right chest.

Star Sportswear was a premier manufacturer, paying closer attention to quality than most. This is evident in the photo above: the collar symmetry is exemplary from a pattern point of view, fully balanced in shape and dimension. Pocket flaps too are graceful and uniform. Epaulets are beautifully sewn. Star Sportswear examples are among the very finest of the Seal Brown Horsehide A-2s. Yet observe too how the left chest panel hides are better than the right! Observe too, the rolled seams -- no distressing or whitening due to incorrect tanning, merely a lightening in the darker pigments exposing the russet in the dye mixture. Star remained a prime contractor after WWII, making many G-1s until the end of the Vietnam War. 

This A-2 is a size 44, increasing its appeal, of course, as larger sized A-2s are scarcer and many "collectors" will wear these often fragile historical treasures. No comment.

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