Original WWII A-2 Flight Jacket 95th Bombardment Group Lost Worlds Collection

Original 8th Air Force AAF A-2 Painted Nose art Flight Jacket WWII

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Original A-2 Horsehide Flight Jacket, Lost Worlds Collection

Original A-2 Horsehide Flight Jacket, Lost Worlds Collection

This jacket belonged to an air gunner who was a member of "The Caterpillar Club" -- that exclusive organization only for those who bailed out of their aircraft. Shot down over France, he made his way back to Allied lines. The Nazi cross encircled by red mission bombs represents a German fighter he downed with his machine guns, as well as flak hits taken by his B-17, beautifully rendered on the back of the jacket. The 95th BG insignia is painted directly onto the left chest with his name and gunners wings. A great example displaying many of the ways A-2 jackets were decorated during WWII. Rare indeed to find a jacket whose owner actually had to use his parachute.

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