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Original A-2 Flight Jacket, 2nd Eagle Squadron, copyright Lost Worlds Collection

Original A-2 Flight Jacket, 2nd Eagle Squadron, copyright Lost Worlds Collection

A magnificent, rare example from the famed  EAGLE SQUADRONS. The second Eagle was the "B" Eagle, hence the terrific BEAGLE SQUADRON pun, immortalized in the fantastic Italian-made incised leather patch: cigar in mouth, a suave tuxedoed Beagle glides upon two bombs, one arm smashing a swastika with his cane, the other lifting aloft a champagne glass holding a naked girl. (This was once a country where Style was celebrated and emulated -- now men wear sandals, emulating girls, the language of passivity.)

We obtained this jacket from Capt. DeForest, credited with 4 1/2 kills, just shy of ace ranking. The Eagle Squadrons were one of a handful of American units that flew the British Spitfire. They arose from the celebrated American volunteer squadrons which joined the RAF to fight the Nazis before our entry into the war. The 2nd was an early unit of the famed Desert Air Force, campaigning in North Africa.

This A-2 exhibits the classic pigment instabilities and often flimsy, thinnish horsehides of Aero Leather examples. Note how the left panel still indicates strong russet pigments while the right is much different in grain and color. Yet color variations between adjacent sections can result, after sixty years, from anything like one side getting more light than the other, to folding and storage. This is not in the least to disparage original A-2s, merely to rescue them from a "Shroud of Turin" cult worship impressed by a few pathetic unfortunates, so that actual knowledge be gained, rather than religious fervor. There's enough fundamentalist insanity in the world right now, thank you. This fervor, by the way, is widely rejected by baffled AAF veterans who are often confronted and bothered at reunions and AF functions by a sad effeminate minority more interested in their flight jackets than service to humanity in WWII. Some of these ghouls even contact grieving families of departed veterans in hopes of landing their sickening life's quest, original A-2 jackets. Man is a dying gender.

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