Original WWII AAF CBI B-15 Flight Jacket 332nd Troop Carrier Squadron Lost Worlds Collection

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 332nd Troop Carrier Squadron, CBI Theater, WWII

Original WWII CBI FlightJacket 332nd Troup Carrier Squadron

B15-A FlightJacket 332nd Troup Carrier Squadron

Original WWII CBI B15-A FlightJacket 332nd Troup Carrier Squadron

Original B15-A FlightJacket, LOST WORLDS COLLECTION

A rare, pristine example of a CBI B-15A Flight Jacket. The B-15A was the final development of the World War II non-Winter AAF flight jacket, replacing the relatively short-lived but widely-used B-10 (which itself replaced the A-2) in 1944-45. Features include oversized Mouton Collar, full Alpaca Lining (extending into the wind flap), biased Zipper, Oxygen Clip tabs, dual interior Pockets.

This one belonged to Lt. Ernest Trowbridge and is virtually unworn. In addition to the AAF printed insignia a white stencil version remains fully intact on the left front facing. Note that Lt. Trowbridge's name is stenciled on the wind flap. Inside the Jacket a beautiful composite all-leather CBI Blood Chit, an identically made CBI shield on the right sleeve and over the left pocket a striking 332nd Troop Carrier patch. The 332nd arose from the 11th Combat Cargo Squadron, designated on September 29, 1945. Its mission was to ferry Nationalist Chinese troops back into the cities and territories they evacuated during WWII. The 332nd also transported General George Marshall on his futile diplomatic efforts in China to resolve the enmity between Chinese Communists and Nationalists following the surrender of Japan.

The B-15, B-15A and earlier B-10 Jackets are pretty hard to find in good shape today. The cotton sateen soiled and wore quickly and the OD color conferred a more functional, more military look to the Jacket so they weren't as coveted as the Horsehide and Goatskin A-2s. They were, however, warmer, more comfortable, held much more and had usable, valuable front pockets, unlike the A-2, which had looks to kill but was rather a leather sweater, all things considered.

Finding a gem like this is therefore all the more remarkable and we thank Trina Antoniono in California for kindly making this available to us.

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