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-100% Bush Poplin Cotton, Khaki

-100% Lightweight Cotton Fine Gabardine Twill, Khaki. 3.75 Oz.

 14.2 Oz. Denim (Unwashed)

(Regular Sizes 36-48)

Kilimanjaro Hemingway Willis and Geiger Outfitters  Safari Jacket

Kilimanjaro Poplin Safari Jacket

When we sold Willis & Geiger gear in the 1980s, the KILIMANJARO BUSH JACKET was always the natural choice for guys who didn't like belts on their jackets, attached or not. According to Willis & Geiger Outfitters lore and legend, Ernest Hemingway himself designed this classic in the 1950s, specifying to the late, great Howard Geiger an elasticized waist as well as more dedicated hunting features than our Safari Bush Jacket. This waist configuration works deftly in concert with the stylish inverted pleat back for all sorts of twisty outdoor and travel manipulations. Supportive but comfortable. Padded shooting patch; cartridge strip; bellowed front lower pockets; button sleeve pocket; button roll-up sleeve; button epaulet.

Super for travel: lightweight, highly water resistant, very durable and stores virtually whatever one might need. Easily and popularly worn at night for genteel settings.
Elegance and strength. The LOST WORLDS KILIMANJARO exhibits peerless workmanship and tailoring, each made at our NYC factory by a single skilled worker. 

 Double needle closed seam construction including armholes.

Khaki Swirl Melamine Buttons.

Kilimanjaro Poplin Safari Jacket

Kilimanjaro Poplin Safari Jacket