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Vintage 1961 Epiphone Wilshire SB-432 Electric Guitar

This is the nicest 1961 Epiphone Wilshire I've ever seen. Period. It looks virtually unplayed although the few wear spots on the -E- foil decal on the pickguard suggest pick contact or maybe sloppy string replacement.

Only 186 Wilshires were made in 1961.

The SB-432 was the significant Epiphone upgrade over its Gibson Les Paul Special cousin, notable for being the only guitar in the Gibson inventory to use original parts from the 1956-61 Les Paul Standard and Custom (as well as 1958-61 ES-335):

- Lightweight Stop Tailpiece.
- ABR-1 (Wireless) Bridge.
- 1956-61 Full Wiring Harness from Les Paul Standard and 1958-61 Les Paul Custom.

The only shared component with Les Paul Special are the great P-90 pickups. In this example 8.2k and 7.8k. Classic!

Note: White "marks" are hairs from sheepskin storage "cocoon." not blems. Lighter area to left of pickguard horn reflections from guitar polish.

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As collectors know, Gibson purchased the esteemed NY Epiphone company in 1958 and began producing Epiphones alongside Gibsons in the Kalamazoo factory to cultivate new dealers in areas already with Gibson dealerships. Epis were in no way poor sisters of Gibson but unique models of often higher specification than the better known Gibsons. The rare 1960-62 Wilshire solid body featured components from the 1956-60 Les Paul Standard and Custom that equipped no other Gibson solid body. Additionally, Gibson introduced components in Epiphones unavailable in its own line like the superb Mini Humbucking pickup and Trem-O-Tone Vibrato, as on this very special guitar. Epis were always made in fewer quantities than Gibson so the scarcity factor adds to a general lack of knowledge of these great guitars. And ups the coolness factor -- in the laughable wannabe world of collectability, Epis would double in value overnight if, say, Eric Clapton appeared with one. Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Steve Marriot, Wayne Kramer are but a few of the notables who played Epi solid bodies. The hollow and semi-hollow models were used by the likes of Keith Richard, John Lennon and Robbie Robertson, to name but several.

- Several faint lacquer checks on top.
- One tiny lacquer handling scrape on top edge.
- Typical Tortoise Shell Pickguard flaring front left -- was this way when I purchased instrument. Further erosion arrested with polish, fully stable.
-  Single line Klusons as New, no tarnishing.
- No nicks, wear on back, neck, rims. Pristine.
- Original Soft Case. (Photographed in 1963-65 Epiphone Gray/Blue case.)

Cash, Money Order, Bank Check, Bank Transfer only.
Instrument may be examined in person in NY by appointment.
This is a private sale. Full identification credentials required before viewing.


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