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Commercial 1930s Flight Jacket

100% Bush Poplin Cotton
Sizes 38-48 Regular


The SPEEDLINE -- an original LOST WORLDS homage to the classic commercial flight jackets of the Golden Age of Aviation immortalized by the likes of Post, Earhart, Rickenbacker and others. Trim, dashing, devil-may-care, movie matinee hero elan.

This lightweight flight jacket exhibits our usual precise and no-nonsense approach to quality and performance in the choice of materials -- renowned (and no longer woven) USA Bush Poplin Cotton -- ultra-comfortable, excellent water resistance, expensive tight, silken hand. 100% Tobacco Brown Cotton Twill lining -- won't rub or suede out with use. Our peerless 100% Wool Knit -- no pilling, frizzing like synthetic and wool blends. And original NOS 1930s Bakelite buttons.

Made of course in USA at the LOST WORLDS factory to craftsman quality standards.

"I have received the cotton A1 jacket.  It is better than I expected!

My grand-father was a pilot for Commando Gascogne to which the USAF was providing Marauder B26 to bomb nazi industry.  When we were children my brother and I were always wearing a green cotton bomber jacket that he kept and that we dubbed the American jacket.  It is exactly the same color, which brings back a lot of memories.

I wish my grand-father was still with us, I would have offered him this jacket!

Thank you for the superior quality that you are respected for, well done.  And the fit is perfect."
Miami FL





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