Vintage Pea Coat Made in USA

American Deerskin Pea Coat, Lost Worlds, USA

Horsehide, Goatskin, Deerskin, Sheepskin Vintage USA JaCKETS

Lost Worlds Vintage Courier Pea Coat .


Black, Navy Blue or Pine Green Deerskin
Black or Russet Horsehide

Olive or Navy Blue Horsehide add (+) 20% (If avail.)
Made In USA.

The Lost Worlds COURIER PEA COAT introduces a dashing alternative to our esteemed WWII spec.

We call the COURIER a Pea Coat for its 10-button double breasted configuration but actually this fascinating design derives from a European military motorcycle messenger coat. Our only divergence from the original -- incredible American Deerskin or famous incomparable Lost Worlds American Horsehide. Our proprietary Deerskin has an invisible water repellency agent added to the finishing process, augmenting fabulous suppleness and drape with additional storied Lost Worlds durability, rugged functionality and performance. Style not "fashion." Style is immanent, fashion superficial glitz. A Lost Worlds coat or jacket endows matchless American-made heirloom quality, elegance, exclusivity and, importantly, all-weather/all-event capability -- from the wilds to a night out.

Lined in eye-catching super-durable, silken super heavyweight pure Aviator Flight Nylon Satin.  

Note the extraordinary detailing. The artful sweeping front, brilliant pocket construction, caped back, elaborate collar closure strap, frontal strap tab, cotton sueded pocket linings and reinforced stitching throughout. Signature construction of mind-boggling, hallucinogenic (!) Lost Worlds accuracy and craftsmanship.

The COURIER Coat  -- its look and presence need no hyperbole for coolness, elegance and uniqueness. This coat will pare down your closet. Our stuff has that effect....


"Just a quick note to say I received my courier pea coat about a week ago and have been pretty much wearing it ever since.  The build quality is obvious, and the horsehide is beautiful in the way that a Sherman tank is beautiful - function over all, and tough as nails.  It definitely meets my expectations, which are high as I've bought o other items from you over the years.  One question on the coat:  there's a leather tab on the left side above the pocket.  It's fixed with a button - what is this for?  I could imagine holding a pair of gloves there if they clip together, but suspect it has a more specific function.  Many thanks, and keep making such beautifully crafted leather coats."
Littleton MA.







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