Vintage Highway Patrol Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket Motorcycle Jacket Horsehide Leather California Highway Patrol




Made In USA
Sizes 38-48 Regular


Buco PPJ27 Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Plain: $175.00
Studded: $200.00

(With Jacket Purchase)


CHP Custom Configuration

Vintage Horsehide Leather California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Jacket 1940s LOST WORLDS

The classic, sought after late 1940s police horsehide motorcycle jacket from the Golden Age of American rugged leather jackets. The CHP oozes noir. Cops are wearing similar jackets when they corner Cody Jarrett (James Cagney) at the conclusion of the iconic WHITE HEAT (1949): "Top of the world, Ma!" (Cagney wears an original A-2 in this movie -- great touch!)

All the desirable features: Extended, reinforced Kidney Panel; adjustable Laced Waist, Leather Badge Mount; adjustable Snap Collar (to display his uniform shirt and tie when he pulled you over -- ah, those were the days; cops had a bit of style and decorum); Snap Epaulets; Zippered Sleeves with interior Shearling Wrist Warmers. In famous LOST WORLDS Heavyweight 4+ oz. Chrome-Tanned, Drum-Dyed BLACK HORSEHIDE. Pure heavyweight Nylon Satin Lining (not a polyester; no frizzing or premature wear; up to the task of making the CHP comfortable and ergonomically ideal); 100% Cotton Railroad Stripe or Drill Interlining for increased wind resistance; Heavyweight Brass Talon Zipper. Optional custom HORSEHIDE belt (police originally supplied their own gun belts).

Staggering workmanship without equal, including originals. Like opening a time capsule. Collectors who know and covet original horsehide motorcycle jackets are amazed. Those who don't know ask, "Were they supposed to be this heavy?" !!!! Indeed they were. Light ain't right!  Customers who want lightweight, pre-softened jackets won't appreciate the LOST WORLDS CHP. And aren't riders as in days of yore, when these jackets and their owners burned the roads. When everything American was overbuilt, to protect and to last. When form followed function.

 Throughout this site we make reference to the amazing stories we hear of riders involved in serious road mishaps with their LOST WORLDS jackets and the astonishing protection from injury afforded by our hides and construction. Our jackets are equipment, not fashion. And bargains at the price, improving, not failing, with age. Becoming even more beautiful, cooler, with each wearing, a treasured secondary benefit after their protective capabilities.

Made at our own NYC factory, of course, as every LOST WORLDS is.


"I did receive my 4+ oz. horsehide Californian Highway Patrol Motorcycle jacket yesterday (very fast delivery by the way).
It sure was expensive, especially since I live in Sweden (!!! I had to pay 30 % extra in Swedish import tax etc. on the total), but it was nevertheless worth every cent.
The jacket sure is tailored for me, and without or together with the custom made removable mouton collar; it�s a piece of art.
The jacket radiates brutal strength but still is beautiful; like a black stallion.
It fits me like I wanted, not too big (I can use it with just a shirt), but big enough to wear a heavy sweater and/or a vest under it when it�s cold.
I appreciate that it�s made of very heavy HH-leather ....
Great thanks to all of you at LW, and extra lot of thanks to Stuart who was very helpful and also to the skilled guys/ladies who made my jacket!"

 Solna, Sweden

"Hi just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my California highway patrol jacket rode more than 20,000 miles in it and still getting stronger. Sincerely, L.A."


California Highway Patrol Black Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket w/ Optional Horsehide Belt

Vintage Horsehide Leather California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Jacket 1940s

Vintage Horsehide Leather California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Jacket 1940s

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Vintage Black Horsehide Leather California Highway Patrol Motorcycle Jacket



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