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Black or Black/Cream or Russet Brown Genuine American Horsehide
 Sizes 38-48 Regular


Strada Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The STRADA  (with the EASY RYDER) is the LOST WORLDS version of the so-called "Cafe Racer" style, popular here and in Europe. Unlike, however, the flimsy, crinkly hides this design is often tissued (!) in, we, naturally, do it our way -- in heavyweight, robust American Horsehide. 4.0oz. So the serious rider gets the requisite look with famous, armor-like LOST WORLDS durability and protection.  AND our matchless Made in USA single craftsman quality. Just check out the hides in the pictures above: Horsehide for men, not cross dressers. Equipment, not fashion. But form follows function and the STRADA's knockout beauty arises organically from the construction, the detail precision. The rolled seams don't flow and rivet the eye by accident, the jacket doesn't visually command by accident. All flows from attention and execution. If someone hawking a lower-priced jacket says it's just as good as a LOST WORLDS -- and we do have our copyists and apers out there -- buy it if you believe it.  Hell, we would if it true. That said, our customers to a man consider our gear cheap at the price. For its protection, incredible rain resistance, durability, highest grade materials and the amazing fact that the older it gets, the better. Heirloom jackets. Our hides soften with use and abuse to the deep-grained visual magnificence for which true, correct American Horsehide has always been famous among serious riders and enthusiasts.

Available both in solid Black or Russet Brown or Black/Cream combination genuine American Horsehide or Cowhide.

Shown with Aluminum Zippers but the Stock production version comes with Brass #10 Scovill and Brass #5 Talon Pocket/Sleeve Zippers. 100% Black Flight Satin Nylon Lining. Available either with Short Tab Collar or Full Collar.

Lost Worlds Vintage Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Strada Cafe Racer Vintage alt=
Vintage Cafe Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Full Collar Option

Lost Worlds Strada Cafe Racer Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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