Vintage 1930s B-2 AAC Flight Jacket Horsehide Leather J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co.

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 Army Air Corps, 1931-33
Original Contractor: J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co.

Russet Horsehide Leather with Lamb Shearling Collar, Full Alpaca Wool Lining

American Horsehide Leather Flight and Motorcycle Jackets


38-48 Regular.



AAC B-2 Winter Flight Jacket

CUSTOM B-2 Flight Jacket
NOS 1930s Mouton Collar
NOS Crown Zippers

Arguably the most complicated Flight Jacket that LOST WORLDS makes and one of the most beautiful and unique. Famous, unique LOST WORLDS exclusive heavyweight chrome-tanned Russet Horsehide, indestructible, with water resistance that must be worn to be believed. No spotting, running, fading, mottling here -- for men, not boys. Genuine 100% genuine Alpaca Wool Lining, legendary for comfort, warmth and hand -- topcoat weight. Huge, dense genuine (of course) Lamb Shearling Mouton Collar.

Derived from full length leather flight suits of the 1920s, the rare B-2 was procured for only two years by the AAC before replacement by the famed  B-3. Doubtless the reasons were warmth, labor intensity and cost. The all-sheepskin B-3 was warmer, easier and cheaper to make. The B-2 hearkens back to the open cockpit age. Closed cockpits and increased altitude required warmer gear.

Significant areas of the B-2 are double-stitched, with the complex zippered sleeves requiring extreme skill and time. Although we own a Pfaff double needle, our peerless craftsmen use their single needle machines and work by eye on the rows of double stitching. Easier to control the tight stitching on our firm, "attitudinal"  Horsehide -- with a mind of its own, no shrinking violet. Yet the construction symmetry and perfection will astonish you. The shots above should give some indication. This is a production piece ready to ship, not a prima donna only-for-photography sample! We have none of those. Nor need them. What you see is what you get, but what you get is so much more than what you see.

Interestingly the famous, later RAF IRVIN shares all features with the AAC B-2, substituting Sheepskin for the Horsehide construction of the latter. Note too the affinity between the B-2 and subsequent motorcycle jacket designs. Rather inexplicably, all surviving B-2s lack the chest pocket, its having been removed. We conjecture that either it was too difficult to manage the pocket in largely open cockpit aircraft of the period or the pocket was deemed an interference with the airman's parachute rigging. In any case the pocket is always gone, but the stitch marks are there in the few originals that have survived.

LOST WORLDS, of course, retains the original pocket, as well as the elastic headset retaining straps behind the beautiful, oversized Mouton/Horsehide Collar. Donning this extraordinary Jacket transports one to a different era and a different world. Its imposing presence will make it the most elaborately complex and detailed Jacket you will ever own.

Drum-dyed Chrome-Tanned Heavyweight Horsehide; 26oz. Pure Alpaca Wool Lining, Belted, Nickel or Brass Talon Zipper, Nipple Collar Snaps, Riveted Waist Tabs.

B-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket Lost Worlds

AAC B-2 Winter Flight Jacket

B-2 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket Lost Worlds

NOS Crown Zippers B-2 Winter Flight Jacket


B-2 Flight Jacket, Hap Arnold, 1930s









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