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38-48 Regular



The magnificent LOST WORLDS reproduction of the AAF Russet Horsehide A-2 Flight Jacket, J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co. (Chicago, Illinois) contract. WWII. The icon of Winged Victory.

The flight jacket that pushed us into manufacturing -- because nothing existed to satisfy our strict requirements as collectors and historians. The jacket that first made our reputation -- for the A-2 is a formidable challenge. Always. Every material and component used between the 1931 introduction through its WWII issue no longer exists. Everything must be recreated, from the ground up. The challenge is enormous, daunting. Painful to describe. Yet when one understands and appreciates these complexities he marvels at our accomplishment. And understands the price, which is quite reasonable given the task.

Using American materials produced exclusively for LOST WORLDS. Our incomparable heavyweight Chrome-Tanned Russet Horsehide Leather (genuine) 3.0 - 3.5+ oz. (Doesn't whiten, distress prematurely or chip or flake if you breathe on it! It is, in fact, seemingly indestructible). The correct darker Russet, not orange or overly red -- originals faded/oxidized to these tones but didn't so start out. Deep, magical Russet, a perfect WWII emulation.

Meant to be worn in the worst weather, thrives on being drenched. Best thing to break in, to articulate the fabulous deep grain. If one's so-called "authentic" flight jacket reproduction spots, if its dye runs or fades with exposure, he's bought an inauthentic jacket. The armed services did not procure flight apparel to fail, to "antique," in the wet and salt of European and Pacific theaters, as leather gear had rotted in WW1 trench warfare, hastening the commercial industry changeover to chromium from vegetable tanning for garment leather. LOST WORLDS horsehide must be broken in: we don't roll, soften, antique, fake, process our Horsehide. Nor did the AAF. Our products emulate the world where baseball gloves, jeans and jackets needed to be shown who's boss! They aren't fashion statements. The break-in is something you want to do, incidentally. It makes the jacket you and yours.

One piece back, of course. No correct A-2 has anything but. Tobacco Brown Cotton lining  -- not just any cotton, the 196/90 Type VI Oxford military construction is the tightest woven in the world, and waterproof to boot; no cotton anywhere, regardless of cost or origin, compares. Our Tobacco Brown is the as-issued, unfaded color -- originals faded dramatically for a host of reasons (see examples below). 100% Wool Knit, correct Russet shade, exact weave, density and hand. Brass cast military Talon Zipper. Covered Snaps. 100% Russet Cotton Thread. (The thread too, being natural, fades with age; originals never came with lighter thread. Why would they?)  8 stitches per/inch, tighter than originals, even the best ones. The works. Just look at the pictures. Note the precision of detail and tolerances. Go to our COLLECTION and see our cherished originals: which appear better-made, those or ours? We try to surpass, not equal. It's our way of honoring our forebears. It's what Americans are supposed to do. Made, of course, in USA at our own factory.


"Really, really appreciated. Great customer service. The world's best jackets with the world's best service."

Santa Monica, CA


"...thank you for the jacket that I received today. The quality is beyond praise from 10 all. 10. I thank you again for the quality, efficiency in production and dispatch as well as for your sympathy in communication."

Russian Federation










Above brand new A-2 made for customer who furnished original WWII Conmar zipper. Note grain even before use. And drama.






Often customers ask us how a LOST WORLDS A-2 will look after several years of intensive use. The two shots above give a great example of the grain complexity and variations in correctly tanned horsehide. Note too the finish durability. Yet this is a daily jacket worked in deliveries, not a weekend warrior. Its finish has taken on a more matte character and, per WWII originals, the cotton thread shows fading to a lighter shade (WWII A-2 thread never began as light or khaki, of course). This is how it gets and this is how it got with originals. We especially like the rippling water, crocodile grain effect on the right sleeve in the top shot! Great horsehide is about grain, the more the better, the less, who cares. Among genuine collectors -- a rarity -- if it ain't got the grain it ain't the same -- that is, pertaining to WWII AAF horsehide.










Below: Several original WWII Labels, J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co., showing layout variants:
 30- 415, 30-1415 Drawing Nos.

 Note also how  orig. Tobacco Brown lining fades to different shades.
 Bottom left closest to issued shade.



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