Beck Leathertogs Northeaster Vintage Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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 Beck Northeaster Flying Togs Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket


 Belted Motorcycle Jacket

Flight Motorcycle Jackets A-2 G-1 B-3 Buco

Russet Brown or Black Horsehide Leather 
Pine Green, Black, Navy Deerskin

Sizes 38-48R

Leathertogs Shown With Full Custom Crown Zippers

Beck Leathertogs Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Leathertogs Shown With Full Custom Crown Zippers

Beck Northeaster Flying Togs Leathertogs

The unique LEATHERTOGS Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket, a remarkable, complex, difficult-to-make, detailed motorcycle jacket. Second to none in beauty. The intricate open-seam stitch construction -- simply a marvel of artisan craft given the weight of proprietary LOST WORLDS Horsehide -- takes virtually twice as much painstaking labor than any of our other motorcycle jackets, not a slouch among them as a matter of fact! When one wants to learn about quality, look at the seams, the stitch count; they educate.

The history of this extraordinary jacket is fascinating. An AAF man stationed with the
Reconnaissance Squadron at Hyannis, Mass. went to Leathertogs in Everett, Mass. before deploying to Europe and specified very particular details adapted to AAF regulations. Russet Horsehide and sewn Epaulets emulate the immortal A-2 Flight Jacket. The peekaboo hidden zipper on the extended right wind flap/panel might have been for a small automatic or escape documents. Extra snaps increase fuctionality throughout. An elegant shaped neck flap, like those on leather flight helmets, adds further refinement, visual candy and AAF identity. This Beck/Leathertogs is sui generis, a remarkable example of motorcycle jacket individuality and panache, brimming with spirit.

To reproduce this one-of-a-kind American classic we use, of course, our magnificent 3-0 - 4.0 oz. Russet Horsehide (customer choice - the original is 3.0 oz). The Lining --"Time Machine" NOS heavyweight pure Rayon Satin per the original, dating from the 1940s, including Rayon-lined epaulets (!). Nickel or Brass NOS Talon or Conmar Zippers and genuine US-made Nickel over Brass Garrison Buckle. Riveted Belt Loops. US Nickel Scovill Snaps. Nickel Bars cast for us in the UK accent the horizontal pocket edges.

The LEATHERTOGS is a treasure and heirloom, an icon fit for a museum, but first and foremost a wholly functional riding jacket of incomparable LOST WORLDS durability with the natural armor-like protection of our amazing American hides. It's meant for the road although we're flattered our jackets end up the pride of collections. Sure, it isn't "cheap," it's a bargain.

'I decided to use the L/T 'A' for my go-to jacket when I work with our horses. Dirty manual labor, rain or shine. Works wonders to break it in! This is one of the things that sets your jackets apart. I do not feel the need to protect the jacket, I know it can take the abuse and be even better after that. Thanks!'
Helsinki, Finland


J.P. received this 'A' on 5.17.22.

We received this review on 5.28.22.

His 4.0+ oz. Horsehide 'A' shows less than a week's use and already fantastic natural grain articulating! Our jackets love tough love! Maybe our horsehides like visiting family too! Gear for men.

Custom 1942 Vintage Beck Leathertogs Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Vintage Beck, Leathertogs, Buco, Trojan Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets Lost Worlds

Custom Black Horsehide Leathertogs 'A'
Red Satin Lining, Full NOS CROWN Zippers.
Note: Rare Spring Action 'Connecting Rod' CROWN Main Zipper Slider.
4.0+ Oz. American Horsehide Grain -- Undoctored, Natural!

Custom Black Horsehide  Leathertogs

Leathertogs 'A' Black Deerskin
Full NOS Crown Zippers

Comments From Owner:
  • "I know the saying is "no one likes a show-off", but that doesn't apply - you feel free to continue showing off as much as you want. Though, I'm beginning to think this isn't you flexing your skills - this is just a regular f*ing Tuesday at Lost Worlds. 

The deerhide LT/A arrived and immediately went on a ride to the mountains. It feels like I've been wearing it for years, it's not just "fit" - it "sits" right where is should - close, but not restricting movement in any way. How many leathers can you wear and reach over your head?  Ridiculously well done designs. World class?  Yes. Best in the world?  Also - yes. 

  Thank you for another awesome jacket, I appreciate all the help - great call with the hardware, and the sleeves are great stretched out on the highway." 

Calgary Canada
  "P.S - the jeans are gnarly as hell too. Look forward to breaking them in."  

Beck Leathertogs Motorcycle Jacket Everett Massachusetts
Custom Pine Green Deerskin Leathertogs Motorcycle Jacket
 Regular Configuration w/ Satin Lining, Brass or Nickel Zippers.
(Full Custom NOS Crown Zipper hardware and Vintage Wool/Cotton Chenille Lining.)

Lost Worlds Deerskin 1940s Flying Togs Motorcycle Jacket

Custom Leatherogs Pine Green Deerskin
NOS Vintage Wool Lining

"I received my Leathertogs jacket yesterday.  It's beautifully made and fits perfectly.
Thank you"
Aiken SC

"The Leathertogs jacket arrived today. I just can't tell you how happy I am with it- it's truly a work of art in my mind. Thank you so much for making such amazing jackets! It's summer now, and hotter than hell in NM, but I will be wearing this jacket in the early mornings and evenings to break it in so it's ready for the fall and winter. There's simply nothing like Lost Worlds!"
Alburquerque NM

"We were able to be home yesterday and the Leathertogs in Russet HH is here. It is perfect. Those vintage C&C (Crown) zips give this great jacket an extra presence. Jacket speaks just like you say and I have the capacity to take it all in. I could really sing the praises
of Lost Worlds. Thank you and whoever built this amazing jacket at your workshop."
Muskogee OK

Our Hides Love Rain. Do yours?

Note Black Deer Suede Wrist Facing Per Original

Custom Crown Interior Zipper

Leathertogs 'A' in Customer-Supplied 5.0+ Oz. Dark Gray Moosehide Tanned By Special Order

 Beck Leathertogs Vintage Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket


A very special Custom Leathertogs.
Navy Horsehide w/ Crown Zippers




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