Vintage Buco J24 1950s Joseph Buegeleisen Co. Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

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 Regular Sizes
(Standard Configuration, Hardware, etc., including Belt)

Vintage 1950s Buco J24 Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

BUCO J24 Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
 (shown above w/ Optional NOS 1950s Crown Zipper @$250.00)

Vintage 1950s Buco J24 Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket Lost Worlds
Buco J24 Regular Zipper Lining Configuration

One definition of folk art might be a marriage of craft and personality. Folk art communicates the individual, the idiosyncratic, the homespun. Frequently classic motorcycle jackets were lavishly and imaginatively adorned with a wide assortment of studs, rhinestones, geometric shapes, domes, etc. The Joseph Buegeleisen
Company sold decorative hardware under the Buco brand name as part of its extensive motorcycle accessory line to retailers. Collectors revere surviving original Golden Age motorcycle jackets that have been so personalized. Authentic owner-customized ones are rare but factory-rendered Custom order extravaganzas, as the Buco seems to have been in 1953-56, rarer. Several elaborate, stunning examples of jeweled, studded Buco J24 Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets exist. We had one twenty five years ago but condition was so poor we let it go. That one had a plaid cotton lining as well as, ugh, replacement YKK zipper.

As both technical and artistic challenge, LOST WORLDS wanted to do this J23 variant for years, but it took time to source and manufacture the correct hardware. For example, originals use plastic rhinestones, ours genuine Swarovski. All fittings on originals were stampings. We use die cast parts wherever possible. Despite the qualitative refinement the look and aura of original Custom J24 fittings is fully preserved. Enhanced. Just look at this jacket.


Our famous proprietary Lost Worlds chrome-tanned American Horsehide (avail. 3.0 - 4.5 oz.) is simply the benchmark for durability, water repellency, natural, undoctored grain, finish permanence and of course riding safety. And originality. Genuine 100% Quilted Nylon Lining, the 50s staple. This J24 is equipment first and foremost. We don't know any other way. Jackets to ride in, not preen in. And the cool factor -- off the scale.


The result a different kind of merger: peerless, awesome LOST WORLDS artisan-grade build quality and materials wedded faithfully to the classic Buco J24 design.Taken to a certain extreme, a beautiful, artistic one, OUR extreme. There's wonderful balance in the way Buco (we think it was Buco) customized. Detailed but not gaudy. Understatedly overstated. The stones 'n' studs are symmetrical accents, nothing too much. Our homage ups the ante significantly. It takes nearly a full workday for our craftsman to measure, eyeball, set and install the fittings before any sewing takes place. Most are installed during pre-production, others during.


What emerges is a kind of folk art. Artisanship with a fantastic, heady whiff of self-invention, the 1950s man of the road as himself mechanical component, man and machine united. There's whimsy too, but not camp or kitsch, rather dash, masculine confidence (where has essence been subverted to?). Sometimes, if rarely, more is less. Like here.You judge a jacket, for example, by its presence and lack of silliness. A jacket must speak. Most jackets these days work by an awful ventriloquism -- someone telling you, for his own insecure reasons, commercial or ego (blog queens), what's good, what's authentic, etc., but the jacket's mute, limply, flimsily propped up there, like something beached. Sadly, many seem ill-equipped to appreciate true Americana like the Buco, forget the price. One needs an eye for what's real. Of course what's real about something like the Custom Buco J24 is that it communicates the mythic, the legendary, the historic. Myth and dream, whereby this jacket achieves iconic status.

"The J24 looks so awesome on me. Simply great"

Taiwan, ROC


"We haven't spoken since I ordered the Leathertogs B last year. I hope all is well. Today I was hit by a deer and ended up sliding down the road and into a ditch. I was in your J23 that I picked up from a friend. The deer was mangled under the bike as I got off. I have to say that the J23 barely has a scratch on it. I was stunned, both by the deer and the jacket. My hand is shredded and my body bruised, but the jacket is ready to go another few rounds. Thank you for the insanely great jacket"


 Miami FL



"I received the jacket. Absolutely dazzling. Thank you"
Long Beach Wa.


Bugeleisen Buco J24 Black Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Buco J24 1950S Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket


NOS Crown Zipper 1950s Buco J24 Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

 NOS 1950s Hunters Plaid Wool Lining/ NOS Crown Zippers/ Stud-and-Diamond
Horsehide Pulls


Buco CustomJ24 Black Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket Studs Swarovski rhinestones

Buco J24 in Customer-Supplied 5.0+ Oz. Dark Gray Moosehide Tanned To Order..
A One-Of-A-Kind Lost Worlds Jacket.

Buco J24 Motorcycle Jacket

Custom Buco J24 Navy Blue Deerskin / Full Crown Zipper Hardware/ Red Satin Lining

Buco J24 Motorcycle Jacket

We tanned our Horsehide in Red for a long-time Lost Worlds collector and rider. A very special piece. Note the WW11 Conmar Zipper and tough-to-find proper size Jet Black Swarovski rhinestones.

 Buco J24 Custom
Black Goatskin 


1950s Buco J24 Russet Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket


Custom Studded 1950s Buco Rider Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket
Custom BUCO RIDER Black Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket, NOS Vintage Red Wool Plaid Lining





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