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Korean War, Marine Aviation
Major R. W. Minick
VMF 214, VMA 251, VMA 114, VMA 332, MAW3





A battle-worn but never weary, if service, heroism and accomplishment are factored, Korean War Marine G-1 Flight Jacket. Major Minick served where the action was the hottest during the Korean War. The famed Black Sheep Squadron dates from WWII and was in the thick of it again during the "police action," which was, in reality, as hot a war as we've fought. Immortal Red Sox slugger Ted Williams was recalled to Korea and also flew in VMF 214. VMA 251, VMF (AW) 114 and VMA 332 all flew close combat air support and night attack in Korea, in Corsairs, Skyraiders and Panthers.  Marine Air never enjoyed the more glamorous and  headline-sexy pursuit of dogfighting MIGS in Korea, unlike WWII. Its was the harrowing and hazardous job of supporting Marines and Army on the ground, including covering the nearly catastrophic retreat from the Chosin Reservoir after the massive intervention of Red Chinese armies into Korea in the Winter of 1950, saving the 1st Marine Division from certain annihilation with continual low level napalm, rocket and machine gun attack on the surrounding Chinese in the hills.  With intense and accurate Communist ground fire at all times, this was a thankless, dangerous job. All historical and eyewitness accounts of the Chosin Reservoir withdrawal cite Marine and Navy air as the difference-maker between survival and destruction. As a document of that commitment, Maj. Minick's G-1 is unique.

We are indebted to Col. Bruce Martin, USMC (RET) for providing this additional, tragic information on Major Minick --

"Major Minick was my LSO (Landing Signal Officer) when I was a flight student at Barin Field in 1957.  I note that you have his flight jacket.  He was killed in an F4D aircraft aboard the USS FDR when an arresting cable parted and wrapped around the nose strut of his aircraft pulling him over the side.  He was not able to exit the aircraft."


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