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  Seal Brown Goatskin Leather
USN/USMC WWII Specifications
Original Contractor: J.A. Dubow Sporting Goods


38-48 Regular



Our flawless reproduction of the late World War II / early Korean War G-1 Flight Jacket. Thick, tightly-grained, supple Seal Brown Goatskin, incredibly strong yet as pliable as butter right out of the box. Customers worship famous LOST WORLDS Goatskin: it has it all, and more.  Wear it in any weather, wetter the better. (If you buy a so-called "authentic" flight or any so-called "rugged" leather jacket that doesn't thrive in the rain, that spots, stains, runs, mottles -- you've been had.)  Genuine pure Rayon Satin Lining. Single-ply bidirectional 100% Wool Waistband with matching double-ply tube Cuffs. Genuine NOS 1950s Vintage Lamb Shearling Mouton Collar. Brass Talon Zipper, NOS 1951 US Military Cotton Webbing. This is the way it was.

Further, this is the way it was in the best original G-1s, such is the quality of workmanship and detail and depth of our knowledge and experience. If you think the jackets on this site look good, be aware -- they're much better looking in the flesh (hide?)! But observe even in the shots above the seam definition, stitch density and precision, the absolute symmetry of our pattern, how the jacket exudes presence unworn and unposed. Well, LOST WORLDS jackets do have a life, an identity, of their own.

The best G-1s were made WWII-1961. In our view G-1s (whatever their nomenclature at time of production) were far less inconsistent in manufacturing quality than A-2s of the same era. Of course, far fewer G-1s were made than A-2s (in WWII) but a contract quota is a contract quota. (We've seen some very mediocre examples from major, revered original WWII manufacturers.) Minor specification and material changes began to appear before the Korean War, more dramatic ones around 1962, but the G-1 remained generally good (if nowhere as good) until 1969 when a Wool/Synthetic blend displaced the Lamb Shearling Collar. Shortly a cheapskate Cowhide ( embossed with a fake Goatskin grain) replaced the Goatskin, and the quality rout was on. Thus our G-1 may not be your father's G-1 -- it could be your grandfather's! There's that much difference even between original jackets depending on when they were issued. So when a vendor claims "genuine USN G-1," it's usually meaningless in terms of the classic G-1 issued between 1941-68.  (Yes, yes, we know that during WWII the G-1 was called M422-A, ANJ-3A, AN6550, 55J14, etc. --  it's still the classic G-1)

"I have had my new G-1 for a few weeks now and I am 105% satisfied. It is already more wearable and comfortable than my 1984 Issue Cowhide G-1 which I never really warmed up to. It was stiff and fit me like a sack of doorknobs. I was among the unlucky few who didn't receive a leather jacket in my original issue.  Near the end of my first squadron tour, the Navy decided. (Hon.  John Lehman, SECNAV) that the Navy should never have dropped the G-1. By that time I had open-purchased one from one of your competitors, as well as a 70's issue G-1 from a surplus store. I wore my brand X jacket  with pride, as it was goatskin and mouton, but it does not begin to compare to yours. The size is right on. and the workmanship is marvelous."


 San Diego CA




G-1 Goatskin USN Leather Flight Jacket World War II

G-1 Goatskin USN Leather Flight Jacket World War II

Detail Shot of Single Ply Bi-Directional 100% Wool Waistband Per Originals


G-1 Goatskin USN Leather Flight Jacket World War II

Cover page to 1958 Mil-J-7823B G-1 Specifications; Note Leather, Goatskin, Chrome-Tanned

Briggs Cunningham 1950s Ferrari Race Car
The great Briggs Cunningham ("Mr. C") in his 1948 Ferrari 166 race car with associate in G-1. (Orig. Photo)

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