Buco J23 Vintage Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Lost Wrlds Buco, Beck, Leathertogs, Trojan Vintage Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jackets Made In USA





 15 Oz. 100% Black, Navy, Brown, Red Cotton Canvas

14.2 Oz. 100% Unwashed Indigo Denim Lining


14.2 Oz. (Unwashed) Indigo Denim


Matching Belt add $125.00

12 Oz. 100% USAF Sage Sateen Waterproof, Flame-Retardent Cotton/ 4.5 Oz. 81%Cotton/19% Nylon USAF Oxford, Waterproof Quarpel Finish (Limited avail.)


12 Oz. 100% US Army Ballistic Nylon / 4.5 Oz. 81%Cotton/19% Nylon USAF Oxford, Waterproof Quarpel Finish (Limited avail.)


Sizes 38-48 Regular

Matching Belt add $125.00





Strength, Image, Exclusivity, Presence.





Over the years we've done a bunch of our vintage motorcycle styles in a variety of customer-specified cottons, wools, nylons, etc.  The Buco J23 Motorcycle Jacket, by virtue of its desirability and iconic style, beckoned for a non-leather adaptation.

 However, it was paramount that a textile J23 be a genuine, high-performance LOST WORLDS jacket, not just a style exercise. We don't do style exercises. Performance always comes first. To that end we use 15 oz. Cotton Canvas or 14.2 oz. Indigo Denim in our new version J23, comfortable but extremely tough and durable. The lining too is special, the same 14.2 oz. unwashed Indigo Denim -- what could feel better than primo blue jeans cotton against your torso when riding that looks sensational too?

All J23 features and details are retained. A great choice for guys in warmer climates or who want an alternative to a leather riding jacket that's serious, eye-catching and built like a truck, like, in fact, all LOST WORLDS gear. These are, incidentally, heavyweight jackets -- over five pounds -- heavier than some leather ones we've seen, including (we kid you not) a $2500.00+ J23 "replica" that wouldn't protect you if you fell off a tricycle!

We make this also (see below) in two very high-performing NOS US military textiles. All Brass Talon Zippers, Scovill Snaps. Genuine Nickel Finished Brass Sam Browne Buckle.


"I received the canvas J23 yesterday. Actually spent most of the day wearing it and marveling at everything about it. It's simply evident that no effort has been spared to recreate this J23 in textile form; from materials to the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Considering the cotton-based materials, the heft to this indeed outweighs other leather jackets I've come across (as described) - I should not be surprised Lost Worlds can deliver on this. Bravo to you and your team- this one is a keeper."
"(Incidentally - it stands to attention. (or commands attention?)"


Original Buco Bugeleisen Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

Original Buco Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Buco J23 Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Buco J22 J23 Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

BUCO J23 Motorcycle Jacket
NOS 1982 USAF Flame-Retardant, Water-Repellant 100% Sage Sateen Cotton.
Lined in waterproof 81/19 US Military Cotton Oxford.
Supremely functional, comfortable and built like a truck by LOST WORLDS. Sewn-in Belt.
Limited to stocks of material on hand.

US Military Ballistic Nylon



For years we made Ballistic Nylon versions of LOST WORLDS styles for overseas wholesale buyers. When we left that business we saved a small quantity of this material for our Retail customers. Ballistic Nylon is magically tough: it can't be torn and will reform when punctured! This is US military material but comfortable and flexible, exactly what serious motorcyclists require. The color is what we call Foliage -- the reverse side of Woodland Camo -- giving a unique, water color-like, subtle shading that resembles landscape viewed from altitude. In our famed Buco J23 it's startingly unique in the very best sense, combining 1950s design with 21st century textile wizardry. Lined in 100% waterproof military Oxford (81%Cotton/19%Nylon), soft yet tearproof. American zippers. Interior chest pocket.


Buco Buegeleisen Catalog

Buco Buegeleisen Catalog

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