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VC-35 Korean War original G-1 Flight Jacket VAN-5 Detachment Fox A-2 Horsehide Flight Jacket J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co.
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 VA-702/VAN-5, Korean War


Korean War G-1 Flight Jacket VA-702 'Rustlers'




VA-702, out of Texas (hence "Rustlers") owns the distinction of being the first USNR unit called up in the Korean War. The dedication, ambiguity and bitterness of Navy Reserves are documented in the classic THE BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI (1954). Flying Skyraiders and Panthers, VA-702 was battle seasoned over Korea. Additionally, this pilot, LCDR Everitt, flew in VC-8, a composite squadron for night attack and reconnaissance. The unique Japanese-made "Modern Minute Men" patch indicates the "wake up call" nature of  VAN-5/CGG101
(2 Mar 51 TO 24 Oct 51), a night attack squadron of the TF77 VC-35 deployments. On the left sleeve is an as yet unidentified patch of a devil in cowboy chaps astride a lightning bolt (perhaps another "Rustlers" reference? -- any info. will be appreciated). This G-1 was made by Werber Sportswear, an early and continuing AAF and USN contractor whose military connections go back at least to the 1930s. This postwar jacket retains the shaped pocket flap of WWII examples and is identical to late WWII 55J14 examples.


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