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Horsehide Leather Flight and Motorcycle Jackets

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Hemi Horsehide Car Coat


HEMI  -- our homage to the gritty American and international crime/intrigue films of the 60s and 70s. Think Alain Delon, Jean Gabin, Gene Hackman, Michael Caine, Clint Eastwood, fill in the blanks. The weary, disillusioned police or intelligence officer in a disintegrating, criminalized world who's assumed the vestments of the bad guys, alienated from middle class mores and mollycoddling. Who's seen and heard it all, desensitivized, a night creature. The troubled antihero -- although 'troubled' barely scrapes the surface (sic) of bottom-feeding  Popeye Doyle in both 'French Connection' flicks whose sartorial choices appear lifted from a dumpster. Incidentally, none of the actors above wears anything remotely as elevated and stylish as the HEMI, which is about the vibe, the aura. It "redresses" the era.

HEMI? The Dodge Chrysler iconic motor that's a signature of the period. Speed, muscle, grunt, American.

Sewn in our own (of course) 3.0-3.25 oz. robust chrome-tanned (of course) American Horsehide. Excellent weight, signature lifetime strength, natural grain, finish integrity, honesty and water repellency, supple and visually detail- and fit-correct for its era.

100% heavyweight Pure Nylon Satin Lining, virtually indestructible, silken, comfortable, tightly woven to augment the superior warmth, wind resistance and density of our hides. Performance and style are indivisible in Lost Worlds coats and jackets.

Despite homage to a time for which quality and taste aren't bywords, our
HEMI is a thoroughbred. Storied Lost Worlds American workmanship -- stitching, seam definition, profile, eye candy build. Idealizing a spirit rather than descending to the nosebleed depths of neo-hipster faux cool by blindly aping styles marginal to begin with (yet redolent of their worrisome times). We reinterpret what was to what should have been.

HEMI -- LOST WORLDS classic macho cool!

WARNING: wearing this coat can provoke #MeToo retribution.

Hemi 1970s Detective Car Coat

 fRONT Hemi 1970s Horsehide Leather Car Coat





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