Original 1978 Travis Bean TB1000A Electric Guitar

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All Paperwork
Original Case

Vintage Original 1978 Travis Bean TB1000A Electric Guitar

This is a  1978 TB1000S literally AS NEW inside out. I see no playing use or aging. The rare Imron Black Neck finish is spotless. No stress or finish issues at neck/body junction.

All original including complete Bean issued paperwork with super-scarce Imron Neck polishing instructions. Even the case is pristine.

I’ve been a Bean enthusiast since the beginning and had a TB4000 and several TB1000 Artists. I’ve NEVER come across one as spotless as this. This is for someone who wants the best. Like buying one new in 1978.

Travis Bean guitars were, sadly, short-lived. Expensive, unique, beautiful, they elevated the electric guitar to new heights with their signature cast aluminum necks, hand-wound Humbuckers and integral industrial bolt body mounts, resulting in tuning stability and incredible sustain. Finishing and detailing were artisan-grade. Jerry Garcia was an early acolyte and promoter, Bill Wyman (Bean bass), Joe Perry and others players and fans.

If you view my listings, original, minty guitars are what I've collected. They're not cheap but the best never is. How many -- if any -- Beans in this condition likely exist?

#1533 Headstock Detail 1978 Travis Bean TB1000A Electric Guitar

NOTE: Any seeming marks, etc. are dog hairs, reflections, etc. This instrument is as described.

Reverse View #1533 1978 Travis Bean TB1000A

Imron Finish Neck #1533 1978 Travis Bean TB1000A

alt="Paperwork Original #1533 1978 Travis Bean TB1000A"



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