Roadhouse Vintage Horsehide Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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 Roadhouse Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket Flight Jackets


c. 1930s-40s

Black or Russet Brown Horsehide Leather

Sizes 38-48 Regular
All LOST WORLDS gear made at our own NY factory.

 Black Horsehide
Custom NOS #10 Crown Zipper (+) $250.00


An original LOST WORLDS design, incorporating features from 1930s-40s classics. The compact shirt-like pockets echo A-1 flight jackets; early A-2 pockets are in similar vein. In the period, such pockets, interestingly shaped, styled and  located were IT, scaled for the de rigeur pack of smokes, a few bucks (or, for time travelers, a cell phone), but nothing too large to upset the trim maverick cool profile. The look was the thing, dash the ethos of flight and motorcycle jackets. The popular mania for all boundary-challenging excitements transformed design. Speed lines were the punctuation of Art Deco.  Every aviator in photos, movies or newsreels -- Amelia Earhart, Wiley Post, Roscoe Turner -- sports a shirt pocketed leather jacket, evoking the streamlined look of Lockheeds, elevated from the mundane world of toting and carrying.  Icons borne by the wind, unburdened  by convention.  Just a  rolled map, flight goggles, fine pigskin gloves. Devil-may-care elegance. Mortality was always the co-pilot, ergo, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous line, "Living well is the best revenge." "Looking well" was intrinsic.


Famous LOST WORLDS Chromium-Tanned (of course) Horsehide Leather, from our own US tannery. Unmatched for weight, natural full grain, armor-like strength, durability, water repellency. Riding, not fashion, leather. Craves hard use, improves (if possible!) with age. What Horsehide used to be -- the premier high performance leather for military and motorcycle applications.  And LOST WORLDS American Horsehide exceeds original weight, quality, finish integrity.


Adjustable Waist.
Wind Flap.
Interior Pocket.
Genuine NOS Scovill #5 Brass Zipper.
Genuine Heavyweight Pure 100% Nylon Satin Lining.
Brass Hardware. 

Unlike anything else out there. Style in spades but riding-dedicated. Examine the precise underarm eyeleted gussets, for mobility and comfort while retaining the two-piece yoked back configuration. And these hides crave getting drenched! Best thing to break in and articulate our beautiful Horsehide grain. (Greatly increased water resistance and durability were among the many benefits of chrome tanning compared to the earlier vegetable tanned hides, which, in the muck and slop of WWI trench warfare, rotted away, hence the almost overnight change in garment leather in the 1930s to chromium tanning.)

The excellence of LOST WORLDS American craftsmanship is legendary to the cognoscenti.  Examine the peerless seamwork, detailing, ultra-tight stitching. Clothing of artisan, heirloom pedigree. Will outlast all of us. Not boast, reality.Why ROADHOUSE? The name evokes the Depression and Film Noir myths of the open road as fated discovery and danger. What a guy would wear going into one on a rainy, mist-shrouded night.

"NAILED IT!!!!!!!! This jacket is one of your best! Definitely worth the wait. The heavy horse is perfect and should look great as the grain starts showing from wear."

Signal Mountain TN

"The Black Roadhouse jacket I just received is a work of art and the fit is on point; like all of the Lost Worlds jackets I own the craftsmanship is exquisite and the leather superb. I make custom fountain pens from scratch for sale around the world on a large gunsmith lathe (1200 pounds), so I recognize quality work when I see it..."
Fairfax VA




1930s ROADHOUSE Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket

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