Sheepskin Rancher Western Jacket Made In USA Lost Worlds

Vintage American Horsehide, Napa Sheepskin and Deerskin Leather Jackets Lost Worlds

Classic American Horsehide, Sheepskin and Deerskin Leather Jackets Lost Worlds




Sizes 38-48R
Made In USA



SUBURBAN has always been one of our perennial best sellers. Timeless style, classic masculine form and fit and rugged All-American look which defy time and tide, appealing to all.

When we introduced the Shearling
a long-time customer with over a dozen of our jackets requested a similar Shearling Suburban, thinking the combination a natural. Behold his jacket! It wowed us. The Sheepskin construction transformed the Suburban so dramatically it acquired a classic Western vibe, while retaining its ruggedly handsome no-nonsense vintage profile -- no difference between the two, both pure outdoors, from working on a rig to riding the range, hence RANCHER, or blasting down the road on two or four wheels. Then to any restaurant, from fifty buck prime beef to In/Out Burger. Or stroll the Left Bank and beget admiring glances. Tres Americain (!).

5/8" thick, dense American Sheepskin -- super-comfortable, super-warm. Just perfect. Sheepskin (not Cotton or Acetate) Pockets for additional warmth, Genuine NOS US Scovill or Talon Brass Military Zippers, Brass Side Adjustment Buckles.

The workmanship speaks for itself. It's what the knowledgeable esteem us for. The Sheepskin RANCHER is the ideal hip length winter jacket. Durable, flattering, a joy to wear, a jacket you'll treasure and one sure to draw admiring glances for its presence, detailing, individuality.

"Received today. No wonder you made it regular production. Another Many thanks as always."

Rogue River OR

“Thanks for turning it around so fast. Wore it last night. Fit is perfect. Quality is beyond anything out there.”


Westport CT


"Dear Stuart, just received my 0050 Rancher and it is exquisite. Like all of my Lost Worlds creations the materials and workmanship are impeccable.  And the fit is perfect, absolutely spot on. Thank you again for all of your help and for making these spectacular, world class, pieces of art.  I think I will be contacting you soon for a pair of leather jeans to go with my Buco Rider for when I am out on my bike."

Eugene OR










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