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  Beck Leathertogs 'B' Vintage Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket


 Belted Motorcycle Jacket

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Russet Brown or Black Horsehide Leather 
(Satin Lining/NOS Brass or Nickel Zippers)

Pine Green, Black, Navy Deerskin

Sizes 38-48R

Leathertogs 'B' in new NATO ally Finland after barely three weeks of rain and use. Some jackets project such presence as to be more than mere clothing or riding equipment.

The super-scarce LEATHERTOGS 'B' -- a 1940s motorcycle jacket we wanted to do for years but lacking an example in our Collection couldn't confirm the pattern details unique to the 'B' to enable perfect reproduction. Until now. Behold a new Lost Worlds benchmark.

The cavalry tunic-like double breasted front is a visual stunner. Possibly copied by Buco for its J31 as the few extant Leathertogs date to the 1940s, but the history is unknown -- these were working motorcycle jackets, not collectables. WW1 period photos show aviators, racers and police in short double-breasted purpose-built leather jackets, and the 'B' exemplifies the transition from button to zipper configurations in the late 1920s-early 1930s.

Our handiwork? Identical open-seam stitchwork as Leathertogs 'A'. Note how the artfully curved left front crosses the chest to line up precisely with the neck and collar seams. Storied Lost Worlds workmanship. Craft taken to remarkable extremes.

naps both decorative and functional widen use options: snapped open across the chest for venting or police to display service shirt and tie as in our California Highway Patrol. This Leathertogs is sui generis, a remarkable example of motorcycle jacket individuality and panache, brimming with spirit. And starting with the pattern, a very complex build. There's more going on in the 'B' than in most people's heads. Clunk.

 A treasure, iconic, but first and foremost a wholly functional riding jacket of incomparable Lost Worlds durability with the natural armor-like protection and water repellency exclusive to our famed hides. Designed for the road, but equally our jackets end up the pride of collections. Sure, it isn't "cheap" -- rather, a bargain, an heirloom, nothing less.

To reproduce a rarely seen classic --

- Magnificent, American, proprietary, natural, undoctored, peerless, correct, full grain, chrome-tanned 3.0 - 4.0+ oz. Lost Worlds Russet or Black Horsehides (customer choice - originals are 3.0 oz). From our own tannery, unavailable anywhere else.

- The Lining -- Heavyweight pure Satin and Woolens per the original including Rayon-lined Epaulets and Deer Suede Wrist and Waist Facings.

- Nickel or Brass NOS Talon or Scovill Zippers and genuine US-made Nickel over Brass Buckle.

- Riveted Belt Loops and Zipper Tabs. USA Nickel Snaps. Nickel Bars and Studs cast for us in the UK accent the sleeves, wind flap pocket and epaulets.

- Genuine NOS 1940s-50s 12/4 Cotton Thread.

We source hardware usually taken for granted for our definition of correctness and quality -- for presence, integrity ... specialness ... for those who value such. It's all in the details.

This Leathertogs 'B' picked up by our customer along with his Leathertogs 'A' at the beginning of May 2022 and taken home to Finland. (Link these three shots to see his 'A.' ) Barely three weeks of use and rain clearly made both jackets his -- stunning natural untampered grain (still in infant stage!), benchmark drape and profile, heirloom grade pure and simple. Power and presence. For the ages.

Original 1930s Leathertogs 'B' Purchased From Family.
Ordered w/o Spots By Mail Order. Great History.

"The jacket arrived and it simply is incredible. Fits like a glove and the craftsmanship is out of this world. So many beautiful details, it's perfect in every way. You never disappoint! Until the next time. Stay safe."
Miami FL

"I have received the jacket yesterday. When I opened the box I felt like a kiddo on Xmas day! I felt like holding a piece of history. The jacket is a beauty."

"The absolute coolest most bad ass jacket in the world. Our parents and grandparents had it right. They had real style and balls."
Westport CT

Leathertogs 'B' Shown With Full Custom Crown Zippers, NOS Vintage Wool/Cotton Plaid Lining

A customer for a 'B' asked us if the spots on the front wiggled around as on a reproduction 'B' he'd seen. They do not.

Leathertogs Vintage Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket 1940s

Custom N.O.S. Vintage Wool/Cotton Flannel Lining

Deer Suede Wrist Facings





"I received my Leathertogs jacket yesterday.  It's beautifully made and fits perfectly.

Thank you"
Aiken SC

"The Leathertogs jacket arrived today. I just can't tell you how happy I am with it- it's truly a work of art in my mind. Thank you so much for making such amazing jackets! It's summer now, and hotter than hell in NM, but I will be wearing this jacket in the early mornings and evenings to break it in so it's ready for the fall and winter. There's simply nothing like Lost Worlds!"
Alburquerque NM

"We were able to be home yesterday and the Leathertogs in Russet HH is here. It is perfect. Those vintage C&C (Crown) zips give this great jacket an extra presence. Jacket speaks just like you say and I have the capacity to take it all in. I could really sing the praises
of Lost Worlds. Thank you and whoever built this amazing jacket at your workshop."
Muskogee OK


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