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Rigger Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Black or Russet Horsehide Leather

Forest Green Deerskin
Sizes 38-48 Regular

Rigger Horsehide Leather Jacket Lost Worlds USA

An original LOST WORLDS design incorporating a host of interesting and dashing features from 1930s and 1940s Horsehide Jackets. First, of course, the Hides -- our renowned chrome-tanned 3 - 4+ oz. (customer weight choice) Black or Russet Brown Horsehide.  Peerless strength, durability, grain and beauty. 100% Wool Knit Cuffs, Waist and Collar. 100% Nylon Flight Satin Linings. Brass Talon Zipper. 2-piece Back (Shoulder Yoke and dominant Main Panel). Interior snapped Pocket. Slash Pockets (genuine cotton flannel-lined). Throat Strap with genuine antique Bakelite buttons. A beautiful and functional jacket for motorcycle or casual use. Streamlined, straightforward and very simple. The complexity lies in the detailing, materials, execution, character.  All American, unduplicated elsewhere -- since it's our design (we should say unduplicated for now, that is -- our styles have a funny habit of turning up in other manufacturers' lines). Famed, peerless LOST WORLDS workmanship. Seeing is believing.  

"The Rigger you made for me arrived in great shape.   As always, I  anticipated OUTSTANDING, Refined and Robust …. And Received Significantly More…..   Don’t know how you guys do it.. but you always OVERDELIVER with your Workmanship and Materials. It will be a FABULOUS jacket for the Fall… Streamlined, Youthful, Poised and Hands-On HONEST…. No frills, fakery or trendy fashion – instead MASSIVE Good Form, Function and a healthy dose of Working Class Elan (something I’ve always strived for)…. The knits are perfect and I’ll so much enjoy breaking in the Horsehide and watching it age with and around me –.    I’ll send a fit pic … maybe that will give you an idea for the next BUILD…." 


"I got the jacket a couple days ago and I am impressed. The pictures just don’t do it justice especially when not broken in. Anyway, I like it so much that I’d like to put in a new order. Another Black HH Rigger (42R) but different style, this one to be exact:"

 "The jacket arrived Tuesday this week.  Absolutely beautiful.  Great call on going with the lighter weight hide.  Unlike my A-2, the jacket is much easier to move around in and it’s not even broken in.  The 40 fits me perfectly and though not as trim as my A-2, it is a great cut.Thanks for making such an outstanding product at such a reasonable price. Warm regards"

 "I received my Rigger Jacket in black horsehide. SUPERB ! FANTASTIC ! EXCELLENT ! MAGNIFICENT ! PERFECT IN EVERY WAY !!!  Thank you for producing such great products. My wife wants me to get another one immediately in Russet Horsehide. Probably the Easy Rider. I'll be in touch next week."
Jefferson City, TN

"Rigger in goatskin a perfect fit.  Beautiful construction and appearance. Thank you for a great jacket"
Muskogee, OK

RIGGER Black Horsehide
Chest Pocket Delete

Rigger Horsehide Leather Jacket




Forest Green Deerskin







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