Ventile Cotton Trench Coat Lost Worlds USA

Classic Ventile Cotton, Sheepskin, Deerskin, Goatskin, Horsehide US Flight Jackets and Motorcycle Jackets Lost Worlds USA


English Ventile Cotton

Heather Brown Pure Alpaca Wool

100% Lightweight Cotton Gabardine, Khaki

 Reg. Sizes 38-48R

Suburban Horsehide Leather Jacket, 1940s, Lost Worlds


Ventile Cotton Trench Coat Lost Worlds USA

The VINTAGE VENTILE RIDERS TRENCH COAT is at once highly featured and functional as well as an unusual, stylish long coat whose fascinating design dates back very far as a basic equestrian, then motorcycle, military and civilian coat.

Note the lack of the usual button closure. Instead, an adjustable strap passes through a D-ring to secure the front. This field-driven feature makes opening and closing a breeze and obtains a beautifully clean, distinctive front.  Belted, of course. Adjustable collar strap with genuine antique Bakelite buttons.  Full-length (mid-calf). A dashing biased zippered pocket  tucked under the left lapel for passport (now, phone). Twin interior pockets. Front  Bakelite-buttoned slash pockets lined in genuine 100% Cotton Suede for superior comfort and strength.

Lacking the usual epaulets and trench coat front shoulder flap and rear shoulder cape, the Riders Trench Coat is a very pure design, emphasizing its riding lineage. Yet owing to our fabulous materials and construction, very dressy over a suit and, of course, casual cool over jeans. We know it's tough but sometimes one needs to wear something other than a LOST WORLDS leather jacket!

Available in genuine English Ventile Cotton, renowned, ultra-expensive high-performance textile notable for wind and wet repellency, lined in Royal Blue 100% Pure Nylon Satin; luxurious Pure Alpaca Wool in the distinctive Heather Brown color, providing excellent warmth with lovely softness, drape and comfortable weight, Brown 100% Pure Nylon Satin Lining; Lightweight 100% Khaki Gabardine Cotton, Self-lined, for comfort, portability and excellent strength where heavyweight warmth not required.

Made in USA by LOST WORLDS, of course, at our own factory and of the peerless quality and fit for which we've become the benchmark. This is one stunner, conservative, given its military and equestrian lineage, and accordingly original and masculine but hip to the nines because we strike our own course, ignoring compromise, fashion effeminacy and lemming-like conformity!

100% Alpaca Wool Riders Trench Coat

Safari Hunting Flight Motorcycle Jackets Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Vintage Cowboy Shirts 2005LOST WORLDS INC.

Safari Hunting Flight Motorcycle Jackets Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Vintage Cowboy Shirts 2005LOST WORLDS INC.

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