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Seal Brown Sheepskin / Goatskin Trim

All Services, 1943-45
Original Contractor: J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co.
38-48 Regular.



WW11 ANJ-4 Sheepskin Flight Jacket











The ANJ-4 represents the final development of the WWII Sheepskin Flight Jacket, incorporating design modifications to the earlier B-3 and (predominantly) USN M445 series. In an effort to standardize wartime flight clothing, much ANJ-prefixed gear was issued to all the services. 


The ANJ-4 increased or implemented use of Goatskin in waist, cuffs and underarm gussets for reduced bulk and increased wear resistance over previous issued gear. Interior wool cuffs provided wind protection, dispensing with previous sheepskin cuffs which soiled, wore quickly and interfered with flight glove fit and flexibility. Zipper installation was augmented with a leather guide tab for easier operation, then strengthened with elaborate Goatskin piping. Larger Goatskin facings on sleeves and collar further increased durability and protection.



 The Lost Worlds ANJ-4: proprietary American Sheepskins, as per ANJ originals, tanned to our specs (FYI: sheepskin wool and density vary dramatically depending on where the animals originate). Unbelievably stout and dense domestic 7/8+" fur throughout: you won't believe how warm this jacket is. Heavier than originals. Forget about sweaters in virtually any climate. Fur color we describe as a yellowish "spoiled milk."


Just a glance at the photos will give you a good idea of our benchmark workmanship and absolute accuracy and authenticity of materials, coupled with the detail and design knowledge for which we're renowned. American bred and made.  Brass or Nickel Talon, Conmar or C&C (Crown) Zipper, WWII specification tag, 100% Wool Cuffs.

"While you did not ask for any feedback, you did not ask for any feedback, I feel compelled to provide some. This will be rather lengthy so that I can tell the whole story. If you want to use any part of this essay, feel free to do so. To start, I am 72 years old, retired and live in a small urban area. I am not an off-the-rack guy at 5' 6" and 140 lbs. When I was working, I enjoyed custom made shirts and custom tailored suits. I looked better and had more self-confidence. I have also always appreciated good leather with some custom shoes and quality accessories. I had quality leather seats made for my Corvette, since sold.  I have a 30-year old leather jacket, off the rack, that is just a bundle of compromises. But it is leather. I have long coveted a quality leather jacket, real fleece lined, but could not rationalize the cost with an imperfect fit. Last year I just decided to do some research on the subject. Over the course of months I used the internet to educate myself and concluded that I was ready. Just like a Rolex watch, I concluded that Lost Worlds was the only acceptable provider of the kind of jacket I desired. I read your pages over and over. But perhaps I am too desensitized to marketing verbiage on internet sites. While I appreciated your blunt and honest statements about fit and quality, I think my long-standing expectations from off-the-rack outerwear tainted my understanding. As above, I had worn custom fit clothing for decades, but my casual jackets were always an off-the-rack Medium. I contacted you about a purchase and we discussed my size and the ordering process. You recommended a 38S and even asked my sleeve length...wonderful. You also advised me that put the purchase into the special order category, with no refund allowed. But I was captivated by the idea of a jacket that would actually fit me properly and ignored any concerns about return. After all, I had worn a 38S for 50 years! I had to weather an excruciating delay because of your holiday shutdown, but the jacket finally arrived! I opened the box and the quality of the craftsmanship was intoxicating...absolutely gorgeous in every respect. Then, I put on the jacket. Horror! I could barely zip it up, I almost could not bend over enough to even see the zipper bottom. When I did get it zipped up, I felt like I was in a straight jacket. I went back to your website and reread all of your admonitions about size and fit. I was reminded that it was not built to fit like a loose blouse and it was not intended to need to wear sweaters or other bulky clothing underneath. It was supposed to fit like a tailored shirt or suit coat. I could envision that it might just fulfill that objective if I could break in the leather. So, I started wearing the jacket as often as I went outside and inbetween I rolled the sleeves and the jacket to limber up the stiff leather. I can now say that after just two weeks, I can wear the jacket the way it was intended and I truly appreciate the fit, and of course the craftsmanship. As promised the jacket is truly warm and fits best just worn over a regular shirt. It really does fit like a custom-tailored article of clothing and my doubts have evaporated. At this point, I only feel satisfaction in purchasing the jacket I have wanted for a long time. It will clearly outlast me. Thank you very much for your design and fabrication."


Conmar Zipper Close-up ANJ-4 Sheepskin Flight Jacket Lost Worlds USA

"I received the ANJ-4.  It is an incredible piece of work.  I am impressed."
Highland IL

" I am beyond pleased with my ANJ-4. This beast must be witnessed in person. There is no photograph that can depict the excellence of this timeless and true to spec piece. A true heirloom for my family to own for generations. This thing is a beast! Even when the collar is inches from my neck, I can still feel the heat permeating from it. Incredible. Thank you.""
Oslo Norw

I am writing to sing praises for the ANJ-4 you built for me about 9 months ago; this is the first winter I've gotten to wear it, and good God am I impressed. My biggest consideration is NOT layering too much under it: your comment in the description about forgetting sweaters is very accurate (and I run cold). A flannel with an undershirt is excessive for going for a walk. I've not encountered a warmer single layer ever. Kudos to you. In the bitterest cold, it is perfect for the trip into work, running errands, going for walks, etc. And it is the only outerwear suitable to sit out on my balcony in freezing temperatures and smoke a cigar. 

Incredible work, thanks again.”









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