Sizes 38-48R
Made In USA
(Extra Deer Antler Button Set (5) $40.00)

Fairfield Sawyer Sheepskin Coat


The LOST WORLDS FAIRFIELD reintroduces the classic high-end Shearling (Sheepskin) Coat sold only in the very best department stores and specialty clothiers from the 1960s-80s until its Napa CA.-based tannery/mfg. was closed by environmental action and moved production to Hungary, shortly thereafter folding, unable to resurrect its signature prestige and product. Always among the most expensive sheepskin coats, the FAIRFIELD was the alternative to UK coats by Antartex and Morland but more elegantly American and freshly styled.

(I bought one in 1976 when the greatest store in the world -- the REAL Abercrombie & Fitch on 46th Street -- closed its doors and I eked out enough on a grad student budget for the fire sale price, but it was too small -- only a 36 was left -- and I promised myself one day to redress (sic) a grievous disappointment! Philandering George Segal in the superb, underrated 'Loving' (1969), set in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and William Holden in 'Network' (1976) both wear this iconic sheepskin coat, among many others.)

We sorely wanted to recreate the storied Napa Sheepskin Coat for years but couldn't get the right US hides. And we wanted even better, thicker sheepskins than the old ones (which were damned good to begin with). We succeeded and are elated at the result. Fantastic 5/8" Sheepskin (the old ones were 3/8"- 1/2"). Genuine Deer Antler Buttons sourced from a Native American ranch. And, of course, renowned LOST WORLDS workmanship, an upgrade over originally well-sewn coats. Lessers imitate, we refine, reset the bar.

The FAIRFIELD is of course very WASPY. That world, defined by taste, individuality, quiet assertion, wit, tradition and martinis ... liquid three hour lunches -- now just a dim memory, ridiculed by the clone majority. Elitism, privilege, education. Oh, how awful, how exploitative, how un-PC. Okay, then look around at a gutter world and bottom feeder culture of zombie conformity, zero its cardinal number.

The FAIRFIELD returns us to that almost mythic time and place when people strove upward. A straight shot of masculine style, reserve and power. A coat that arches an ironic eyebrow at imported, overpriced fashion. Cool and matchlessly elegant, ultra-warm and comfortable. For the stadium, steakhouse or office. With the priceless Cold War vibe of the well-outfitted yet understated Ivy League CIA man meeting his East German contact in a rainy European backstreet, thence (!) musical bedrooms with the MP's wife in some tony English weekend house. Pure class. Pure Americana.
Fairfield Shealing Coat
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